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Cyclebum 01-11-12 08:46 PM

TE Keeps on keeping on
Yah. They're a little slower than an upwrong, but they just keep on going, and going, and going.

Checked the TE and me out today on the Telimena Scenic Drive in west central Arkansas. Grades to 16%, lots of 10%ers. Perfect riding day, little traffic. Stopped to catch my breath twice on the 16%er, but the restart was easy, a major bonus for when it takes me up Pikes Peak.:lol:

First tour in a couple of weeks along the Texas Gulf coast. Flat.

It's all good.

JanMM 01-11-12 09:26 PM

Very nice. Glad to hear you have no trouble restarting on a climb. I still have difficulty with that on steepish hills on my SWB and LWB. The difference is likely the lower bottom bracket on your TE.

Cyclebum 01-12-12 08:32 AM

Buddy has a Baccetta Bella with a higher bb and is having trouble with hill restarts. It's very rare that I encounter really steep hills when touring, but knowing that I can stop and restart nearly as easily as I could if on a trike was a big surprise and bonus.

Floyd 01-13-12 05:14 PM

Yes, starting on the hills is a technique, but one not so hard to learn where there is a need. Glad you are enjoying life and also the ride......

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