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dmhaero 02-06-12 06:02 AM

Angletech Ti-Aero for sale in the Market Place
8 Attachment(s) just wanted to bring this to every ones attention. If this post is against the rules let me know and I will remove it. Thank you so much. Dale.

gcottay 02-06-12 11:19 AM

I don't know the rules on this variety of thread but it's a very nice bike.

Dudelsack 02-06-12 02:04 PM

I think they no longer make Ti bikes, having gone to Carbon as their top of the line bikes. If I had some loose change, I would buy it myself.

dmhaero 02-06-12 04:36 PM

The Titanium Aero is long gone. Hand made in the U.S.A. It was too expensive to build, the Ti is a smoother ride and bulletproof. The carbon is a little lighter and stiffer.
This one is very special, the Bontrager X Race-Lites in 650c are no longer made. They are light, stiff and strong. This was my go fast bike not my every day ride. It has low
miles. I live in the mountains and it climbs very well. Thanks Dale.

JanMM 02-06-12 07:26 PM

Boy howdy! That's nice..................

dmhaero 02-06-12 07:36 PM

Thank you for your kind words, I hope it finds a good home... Dale


Originally Posted by JanMM (Post 13818366)
Boy howdy! That's nice..................

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