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no1mad 02-13-12 12:37 AM

So my wife made a comment...
That she's interested in a trike!!

Had to swing by the LBS today to make a payment for a tune up and I started to wander the sales floor and she followed for once. She spotted a couple of Sun DF trikes and a 'bent bike. She told me that if she were to ever get on a non-motorized bike, it has to be a trike- and she likes the looks of the recumbent style of seat compared to those on the Sun trikes (non bent).

No hurry here, as we're tight on cash (got laid off less than a week ago), but this is going to be one tiny spark that I hope to stoke into a bonfire someday. Problem is that there really isn't much of a selection of 'bents around here. The Sun & Ski and my primary LBS can/will order Sun/Easy Racer, but I'd rather find a shop where she could try various models out before ordering anything.

I suspect that a delta will be better for her- especially after she queried about installing a basket of some kind in back.

Here's my main question- given my zip code of 74066, which would be the closest, best bets of shops that would have a nice selection on the floor?

There is Recumbents of Oklahoma the next town over, but has a small store front with limited selection and mainly Cattrikes and RANS bikes. Another option would be a sponsor of BROL- Oklahoma Recumbent Road Bikes in Lexington. I plan on contacting them to see what they have that may be of interest. Beyond that, I really don't know, as the information on the web isn't always accurate or up to date, I'm clueless on other options.

dave5339 02-13-12 02:13 PM

Go to Oklahoma Recumbents in Lexington. You will not be disappointed. Really nice people, great selection, and fantastic customer service.

I drove up from DFW and the trip was worth it.

Semper Fi

no1mad 02-13-12 04:50 PM

Thanks for the response. I'd already emailed them about their selection and am awaiting a reply.

no1mad 02-14-12 10:35 AM

Heard back them. They claim to have 40-50 'bents in stock at any given time, with 8-10 tadpoles and 5-6 deltas with OSS and USS options. Looks like this will be as good as place as any to start the hunt when the time comes.

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