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Cadillac 12-18-04 09:22 PM

Cool December ride on my Catrike Road
I just got back from a 24.6 km ride on my Catrike Road.

The temp was 0C and there was a 5 km/hr breeze
I was dressed in my SkiDoo suit with a sweater, leather mitts, balaclava, helmet (of course), bike shoes (clipless pedals), and "booties."

My initial analysis is that my speed is about the same. I don't have a speedo/computer on it yet; but there is a section of five measured kilometers. So with the aid of my watch and my skill at arithmetic, I determined I was travelling almost the same speed as I do in the summer. The difference, I think, can be attributed to the heavy (bulky) clothing and the newness of the Catrike. (The motor needs "breaking in.") As well as the fact that I have not been on a bike for almost five months except for a short ride I took recently on the Catrike.

My feet were cold (even with the booties), but the rest of me was warm -- almost too warm. I didn't really need the sweater. And I could have done it with long-finger biking gloves instead of the mitts.

The roads in town are covered in ice and snow, so I loaded the Catrike into the back of my Taurus wagon (which I recently bought just to haul the Catrike) and drove out 20 km to a spot where I could park the car. Then I unloaded the Catrike and rode from there.

In all it was a great ride. I did find that the big trucks seemed to kick up more sand into my face as they passed me. I never noticed that fact when riding my DF. Perhaps it is a fault of riding so low to the ground??

For those of you who enjoy even warmer temps, I envy you; but I also enjoy these cool days almost as much as the heat you experience.

Trsnrtr 12-19-04 07:36 AM


Originally Posted by Cadillac
For those of you who enjoy even warmer temps, I envy you; but I also enjoy these cool days almost as much as the heat you experience.

I've always enjoyed winter riding, too. When I started riding with my local club in 1982, hardly anyone would ride below 5C and I couldn't figure out why, but I did it anyway. Today, cold weather clothes are more available, but 0C is still nippy.

Yesterday I rode 80 km at 0C, with a 20 km/hr wind and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Any day on the road is a good day! :)

And staying on topic, I rode my Volae Team.

izgod 12-19-04 08:46 AM

Cadillac, I envy you. I'm still recovering from the broken femur I suffered on Oct 31st, when my BikeE slipped out from under me on some wet leaves. I'm just now getting back on the bike, but only on bike trails. I'm still not good/strong enough to play in traffic yet.
I've decided to get a trike, so that this type of accident won't happen again. I'm torn between CatTrike and TerraTrike. Do you ever feel like you wish the CatTrike seat was adjustable?
I commute all winter, here in the northeast. I've pretty much figured out the right amout of layers for various temps for my commute. For longer pleasure rides, I start out warm, and shed clothing as necessary as I go. For summer riding, you can only shed so much...

Best wishes and happy riding on your new trike, you lucky dog!

Cadillac 12-19-04 03:15 PM

I don't mind that the seat is not adjustable. By that, I mean that the Catrike does adjust fore & aft, however the back does not tilt. Since I am the only rider, the fore-aft setting will stay where it is. There are at least three different models for road riding and each has a different seat angle. The "Pocket" is more upright than the "Road" (which I have). The "Speed" is more laid-back than the Road.

Personally, I think the Road has the best angle for me. I have thought of adding an orthopedic cushion for more comfort, but my butt didn't suffer at all from the ride.

I did find that my upper leg muscles were a little tender this morning. When riding my DF, it was my lower leg muscles that felt the ache. So it is true that different muscles are used when riding a 'bent.

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