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dcdavis 12-22-04 01:18 PM

tandem bents
Am thinking of purchasing a tandem bent, so far have seen a rans screemer, who else makes one?

bnet1 12-22-04 01:39 PM

I think Barcroft makes one.

'bent Brian

hi565 12-22-04 01:46 PM

Pic, ive never seen one before.

BlazingPedals 12-22-04 03:28 PM

bentbaggerlen 12-22-04 05:26 PM

Tandem bents have been offered by....
Angletech Cycles, Barcroft Cycles, BikeE, Bilenky, Cambie Cycles, Flevobike, Greenspeed, Hase Spezialräder, Kettwiesel tandems ICE, M5, Linear, Longbikes,Optima, Organic Engines, Ostrad, Rans, Ryan, S & B Recumbents, Speedbike,Terry Osell, Varna, Vision, and Zox (who have I forgoten?)

Some of the builders listed have stopped offering tandems or closed shop. But they still come up for sale used from time to time. And some of the builders listed only offer tandem trikes.

Angletech Cycles: Offers custom built high end models of other builders frames. *Barcroft Cycles: SWB/ASS tandem. Good build quality. Rides well, good sport bike.
*BikeE: Belly up :(
Bilenky: Custom built only.
Bolder Bikes: Custom built
Cambie Cycles: LWB/ABS tandem
Flevobike: Back to back
*Greenspeed: The tandem trike to have
Hase Spezialräder: Back to back
Kettwiesel: Really not a tandem to single trikes hooked together to make a tandem
ICE: Trike (nicer then Greenspeed IMHO)
M5: Back to back
*Linear: Belly up, but Bicycle Man has bought the line is offering singles, no tandems at this time
*Longbikes: SWB/USS and LWB/USS or ASS
Optima: No info
*Organic Engines: US built tandem trike (about 1/2 the cost of a Greenspeed)
Ostrad:No info
*Rans: SWB/ASS
*Ryan: No longer building bikes.
S & B Recumbents. LWB/ASS
Speedbike: No info
Terry Osell: Custom builder, may have retired.
Turrner: Three wheels all in line, two in front steer the bike
Varna: No info
*Vision: Belly up SWB/USS mono tube
Zox: SWB/ASS box tube frame

*= Bikes I have owned or riden

DO you know what kind of tandem you want SWB LWB USS or ASS? Bicycle or trike?

bentbaggerlen 12-22-04 05:32 PM

DOA! *Wiz Wheels! Very nice tandem trike.

zonatandem 12-22-04 09:42 PM

Add Bike Friday to the list. Hase Specialrader of Germany offer the titanium Pino: front is 'bent, rear is upright (steering from the rear) and weighs under 30 lbs (similar to the Viewpoint or the Counterpoint Opus).

john riley 12-23-04 05:16 AM

Bacchetta has shown a prototype tandem. No word on when it will go into production:

Bud Bent 12-23-04 09:05 AM

I have an EZ Tandem. It's not as fast as a Rans Screamer, but about half the price.

bentbaggerlen 12-24-04 01:12 PM

Oh yea, bike Friday... I had a hell of a time putting one of them togeter. The owner wanted to ship it. But insted of just folding the bike they took it apart. Put all the small parts in a bag and placed everything in a box. Took me about six hours to put it back together. Do they still offer it?

Bacchetta's tandem looks interesting, I hope it will see production.

The Counterpoint is a great concept, but I had a case of stoker envey when I tried one. I also had a chance to ride a Counterpoint tripple. I think they built five of them total.

666bent 01-05-05 06:44 PM

I suppose I went in prejudiced as I already owned a Vision R45 when I began to consider a tandem. I eventually tried the Rans Screamer, the Barcroft Columbia, and the Vision (Double Vision) R85 OSS. My choice was the Double Vision; however, the other bikes I tried were both excellent and I am certain that I could have been happy with any of the above.

As stated earlier, Vision is out of business; however, it is proving to be an excellent bike and, of course, there is a used market out there.

John D
Visions R45 USS, R40 USS, R85 OSS

tdr1947 02-10-05 02:58 PM

I have a Sun EZ Alum. frame tandem. I haven't ridden it very much yet, but so far I like it. It is easy to ride and is not as expensive as most of the other tandems. It also has independent peddeling which I like. I think it would be faster with narrower tires, but I am into comfort and not speed.

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