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Cyclebum 04-30-12 12:42 PM

Tour Easy shipping
Have you had experience shipping a lwb bent via commercial carrier? Gonna need to get mine from Texas to Wisconsin this fall. Box size is too big for airlines. Fedex wants $200. Haven't checked with bus or Amtrak yet. I'll be flying to/from via SW.

BlazingPedals 04-30-12 07:36 PM

Have you looked into shipping it by train or bus?

Cyclebum 05-02-12 09:20 PM

Looks like it'll be by bus. $70 from online source. Will confirm that at bus station asap. Can't get anyone to answer phone at Trailways. Gonna take a lot of careful packing.

Addenda: Finally got a person at Trailways to answer the phone. $80, box size no issue as long as it'll fit in the bin. Will hold at receiving station for 30 days.

cruise_carter 05-22-12 02:00 PM

try UPS.. had a rotator pursuit shipped from Maine to Ontario at a reasonable rate some years ago

Cyclebum 05-22-12 02:54 PM

UPS wants $200 'cause it's 'oversize.'

drmweaver2 05-22-12 03:00 PM

Cyclebum, can you pm me or post here the online source you found? I called the local bus station to check on a rate for Louisiana to South Dakota and got nowhere near the low number you posted.

cruise_carter 05-22-12 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by Cyclebum (Post 14257993)
UPS wants $200 'cause it's 'oversize.'

Yikes! I guess they decided to jack up the price.

Cyclebum 05-23-12 01:14 PM Fill in the form, click, and the schedule/cost will pop up. I paid $40 to ship a df 1000 miles for comparison.

drmweaver2 05-23-12 04:41 PM

Thanks Cyclebum

drmweaver2 05-25-12 02:22 PM

Not sure why I forgot about this link - but it's been recommended by a few people.

Dchiefransom 05-25-12 04:48 PM

How much is UPS Freight?

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