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Cyclebum 04-30-12 01:06 PM

Big Bend Riding
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Buddies and I, two bents and a df, just finished some riding in the Big Bend area of Texas. Let's call it an 'educational adventure.' Impressive scenery, and very hot(102)in late April. The TE got the job done, with no pushing up some steep hills, tho one did require a couple of rest stops to let the lungs catch up.

Should you decide to take your wheels to Big Bend, beware of the road from Presidio heading southeast along the Rio Grande. Lots of steep climbs and blind curves. No shoulder. Dangerous for cyclists and motorist alike, vouched by memorials. We hitched that one.

The National Park's Chisos Basin is a destination for sure. Nestled in a sort of canyon, it is a full service location, including a nice lodge and restaurant, and great camp ground. Lots of wildlife and hiking trails.

Check out Marathon and La Loma del Chivo, a free-spirit community and hostel. Free overnighting for cyclists, tho a donation is in order. There is also a modern guest house for up to 3 for $50.

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