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Notso_fastLane 05-07-12 11:02 AM

Rear rack for TW-bents?
Anyone know if there's a dealer left, online or otherwise, that might have a rack for a TW-bents (Elegance) in stock? I have had zero luck with the manufacturer, and the couple of former dealers haven't had any luck getting a response, either.

At this point, I'm torn between selling this bent and getting something I know I can at least get set up, and trying to find a way to build a custom rack for it.

Any help, suggestions are welcome. (Heck, at this point, you're welcome to point and laugh. :p)

Cip 05-14-12 02:11 PM

You can use any rear rack for 26/28" wheels with longer struts. You can make your own struts like I did (from AL pipe, flattened and drilled both ends) or buy a pair (for example: these)

Here's mine:

and here's another one I have in my archive:
Someone else used the V-brake studs but I don't recommend it:

Notso_fastLane 05-16-12 10:57 AM

Thanks for that. What rack is that? The rack I have on my standard DF bike is much too narrow to fit on the swingarm of the Elegance, I think. It looks like you have some kind of adapters at the bottom where the rear attachment is.

Cip 05-16-12 11:36 AM

You're welcome.

The rack is from Point - the one on top - I don't think it's available in US but, as I said, any rack will do. For example, you can fit any of the racks you see in the first page of the pdf (with longer struts).
You're right, no rack is wide enough to fit the rear fork of the Elegance, neither was the one I fitted. I just carefully spread it apart, one side at a time (no tools), until it fitted the fork.
No, I used no special adapters, just the ones it came with (they are used to adjust the rear/forward position by mounting them one way or another and also to adjust the height) - you can see them in a better picture.

If you find a rack you like and have a link to it, I can take a look and give you an opinion if it will fit or not etc.

Notso_fastLane 08-16-12 01:47 PM

Bumping this because I think I found the perfect solution, and I haven't seen these bags carried in any of the big online retailers.
This thing is big! It's perfect (I hope) for my winter commuting when I need extra space for cold weather gear in the afternoons (cold in the mornings, nice in the afternoons), and it's nice and aerodynamic. :) Check them out. Their online store is a little wonky, since it's moved recently, and I think they haven't updated all their links. Made locally here in Seattle, from what I understand.

BlazingPedals 08-16-12 07:56 PM

That looks like a better solution than a rack that's mounted to the stays on a suspended bike. And Kelvin is a good guy to do business with.

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