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chandltp 05-17-12 05:56 AM

what kind of trike is this?

I'm trying to figure out the brand / model of this trike. The owner bought it used about 5 years ago and had replaced most of the components, as well as the from wheels. He said they were KMX wheels.

Can anyone identify it? I like the looks of it, but I don't want it unless I can find a compatible dyno hub. But I need the brand to know if one exists :(

Roll-Monroe-Co 05-17-12 08:59 AM

Don't recognize it. A Challenge, maybe?

Pockets 05-17-12 01:09 PM

Why don't you just respond to the ad and ask him/her???
It looks like a TW Bents or Performer. Taiwan made

BlazingPedals 05-17-12 01:19 PM

Since it's 5 years old or more, current model pics may not match. I believe the Challenge trike looked similar but had/has aero tubing on the cross-tubes and those trademark fat stays. That seems to leave either a TW-Bents, Performer, or possibly a homebuilt.

chandltp 05-18-12 05:42 AM

Originally Posted by Pockets (Post 14236877)
Why don't you just respond to the ad and ask him/her???

I guess I should have said I tried that.. and he doesn't know.

VegasTriker 05-18-12 09:43 PM

That's an awful lot of repairs and parts replaced
I don't know what brand of trike this is but I would certainly wonder why so many components have been replaced on a 5 year old trike. No quality trike would require this much repair unless it had a skillion miles on it or was severely abused. There are many riders who have put many thousands of miles on a trike and don't need to do what has been done to this trike.

chandltp 05-19-12 05:21 AM

Thank for all the feedback. I think I'm just gonna get a new one.

Two weeks and I have a day off to go visit The BicycleMan, where hopefully I'll test rid enough recumbents to find one I want and get one ordered and ready for short tours

GIANTBIKES 06-08-12 07:10 PM

I wish I could have seen the ad before it was deleted.

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