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Ritz 01-04-05 07:10 PM

Who's Riding In The BP MS 150?
Anyone doing the Houston to Austin ride? I'm looking for other 'Bent folk to roll with. :)

bentcruiser 01-05-05 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by Ritz
Anyone doing the Houston to Austin ride? I'm looking for other 'Bent folk to roll with. :)

I would but I am already committed to another MS150 ride in Oklahoma.

Ritz 01-05-05 09:32 PM

Thanks anyway Derek. Anyone else? Good luck, and great ride to you in Oklahoma!:)

Ritz 01-10-05 04:37 PM

Yoo Hoo! Anyone else? I know there are some of Y'all doing this ride, C'mon, fess up!

Orikal 01-11-05 02:52 PM

I would love to ride on a 'bent, but I'll just be tackling it on my Bianchi Eros.

Ritz 01-11-05 03:06 PM

Orikal, just remember to wave as you pass me! :) I look forward to seeing you!

VTXT 02-21-05 03:58 PM

Ritz, I am riding in the BP MS150. It will be my first really long ride. I am flying in from Vermont on the 14 to give me a day to get the bike set back up from the trip and then getting it to a bike shop for inspection.

I'm recent to bikeforums and am looking forward to becoming more informed. I've only being biking seriously for the past 3 summers. Really difficult to ride up here in the winter. Today we got another 6-8 inches of snow. The roads are very narrow in the best of weather and I'm one of the few bents in my area. But I spin in the guest room to keep in shape. The only problem is that a circle is a shape.

I'm going to be staging from the Katy location. Would enjoy company but so do not want to slow a seasoned rider down. My only hope is that I do not embarasse myself or my daughter who is going to be my chaser(she works for Fund for Teachers-Apache)

Give me a heads up if

Ritz 02-21-05 08:47 PM

VTXT, I don't know if you could really call me a seasoned rider, But I hope to run into you! (Not literally of course) I have a blue EZ-1 SC with a yellow sign on the back that says: WWW.TOURDEPANTS.COM (My web site). I will be with the Methodist Hearts On Wheels team. I hope you enjoy the ride. :)

robncindi 02-24-05 11:15 AM

Hey, just saw this thread today so I am a little late but I am riding in the MS150 from Houston to Austin also. Are you riding in any of the recommended rides? I plan on going to the Continental Ride and the Space Race at a minimum, might try to hit the tour de houston also but it is only 40 miles so not much of a training ride. I wish they would have added 60 or 80 mile routes to that one.

Good luck on the ride, hope to see you out there!

Ritz 02-24-05 01:18 PM

I haven't been very involved in many of the "Official" training rides, most of them occur on Sundays... My family is otherwise engaged. I am getting to do a lot of rides in and around Fulshear, and every now and then I ride around Montgomery county. Always on Saturdays though. Thanks for the warm wishes Rob, and I hope to see you out there too! WWW.TOURDEPANTS.COM .

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