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PanPanX 01-04-05 10:25 PM

saw my first one!
today while coming home from work, going down Oak Ave (just that guy reads these forums, hahaha) and i saw a blinkie. i was like cool!! a biker!! cuz they're soo rare here. and as i got closer, I SAW IT!! it was a guy riding a recumbent bikE!!! i've seen lots of pictures and such, and the bike itself, but i've never actually seen a person ride one to commute or for fun or whatevers. it was sooo cool!! hahaa.. i just thought i'd post that :p

bnet1 01-05-05 05:37 AM

To really find out how cool it is, go ride one for yourself. I probably wouldn't be cycling as much today had it not been for getting a recumbent.

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