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aikigreg 01-05-05 01:12 AM

good deal on a great bike?
Thinking about pulling the trigger. Thanks for your opinion.

bnet1 01-05-05 05:41 AM

Not too bad for a first 'bent. Congrats! Let's hope it arrives in one piece.

Glasspacker 01-05-05 10:18 AM

Don't you guys sleep?

Seems a bit heavy, but maybe that's not a big issue to you.

The starting price looks attractive, although I think the list price seems high. Personally, I wouldn't get involved in a bidding war on this one. IMO.

sch 01-05-05 12:26 PM

These have a way of going up alot in the last 2minutes, and if there are 20 bids already, last
second flurries and mania may well take this up to near the OEM price. Other versions of
EZ bikes sell retail for $500-800, provided you can find a dealer. Not sure this one is worth
the premium over other EZ bikes. Approach with caution, set a price and hold it and don't
be dissappointed if you get sniped, the price will probably be too high. Recent ebay auction
for 9x20 metal cutting lathe selling new readily available for under $1000, auctioned used for $1560
......Or a couple of years ago, a "mint" Peugeot from IIRC late '50s sold for $1600, bike most
would regard as just above beater grade. Steve

sch 01-05-05 06:40 PM

Looks like it went for a good price, at least for the buyer. Final: 28 bids, $772 + 85 for shipping.

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