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HBxRider 08-08-12 05:57 PM

Any place to rent a bent in southern california?
I've always wanted to try riding a bent, because I live around some nice flat, long, paved trails.

Does anyone know where I could rent one? In the OC or LA area? If so, how much are they per day?


Or if you live in southern california, and would let me borrow yours, i'll give you collateral and pay you a fair price :)

CabezaShok 08-09-12 05:25 AM

Bent-Up Cycles in Los Angeles. Really nice people. I dont think they rent, BUT they will let you demo most of their bents in the quiet neighborhood behind the shop. I spent half a day there trying out bents.

Alacer1 09-27-12 10:20 AM

I live in Ventura, by the pier. There's an excellent, long bike path right in front of our building. My Easy Racer Gold Rush is available to a considerate rider. Let me know.

BlazingPedals 09-27-12 03:58 PM

The last I knew, Dana at BentupCycles hosted a ride every Saturday morning. Might be an opportunity for a long test ride! A year and a half ago, I did one of those rides - up La Tuna Rd and a circuitous route back. 36 miles on a borrowed Corsa.

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