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barry4838 01-25-05 10:19 AM

most pleasurable recumbent cycle
Speed aside, what is the most confortable, bestriding and handling long wheel base out there.

Dr. Duk 01-25-05 11:58 AM

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Originally Posted by barry4838
Speed aside, what is the most confortable, bestriding and handling long wheel base out there.

IMHO I answered the above the question in your previous thread. The "ULTIMATE" is the Titanium GRR better know as the Ti-Rush!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Carpe Diem

Glasspacker 01-25-05 12:33 PM

Rans Stratus.

cjs1948 01-25-05 01:23 PM


Originally Posted by barry4838
Speed aside, what is the most comfortable, best riding and handling [long wheel base] out there.

If you leave out the long wheelbase part, a Logo trike would fit the criteria quite nicely.

TT and Logo

bnet1 01-25-05 02:40 PM

RANS Stratus, RANS V-2 or V-2 Formula, Easy Racers GRR (also the titanium version), Easy Racers Tour Easy. The list goes on...

'bent Brian

lowracer1 01-25-05 09:58 PM

Sorry guys, but a lowracer is also long wheelbase and IS hands down the fastest. According to everyone else that has switched to a lowracer platform, they also claim the lowracer is also the most comfortable.

Dr. Duk 01-25-05 10:44 PM

Gee Whiz Amy!! If only you would quote me correctly. I said 'IN MY HUMBLE OPINION". I have ridden "Bents" for many years. I have been the proud owner of SWB, CLWB. LWB. I haven't caught the trike bug yet but I have put a few miles on the Catrike. I will stand-by my original OPINION that the Ti-Rush is the best of all the "Bents" that I have owned and ridden in my cycling lifetime. If someone owns a lowracer, a trike, a Rotator Pursuit, a Rans Stratus - Rans V2 and on and on that individual will say that his "Bent" is the best for comfort and speed. To each his or her own. Maybe sometime in the future I may have the opportunity to ride a homebuilt and say that this "Bent" is the most comfortable that I have ever ridden but until that time arrives I will stick to my guns and to MHO!!!! :beer:

Carpe Diem

BlazingPedals 01-26-05 08:11 AM

"Why stand when you can sit?" This question is asked by recumbenteurs of upright riders. I take it one step further. "Why sit when you can lie down?" I don't know of any LWB offerings that let the rider lie down. To do that, to get true comfort, you will need a racer or a reclined trike. So asking which is the most comfortable LWB is really limiting the choices to less-comfortable bikes. It's just a happy coincidence that many of the most comfortable bikes are also the fastest. :D

"Best-riding, best-handling" is all subjective. IMHO as a non-connoisseur, the EasyRacer lineup handles best, but the riding position is so upright that recumbutt can be a problem. Most RANS LWBs that I've ridden didn't tilt the nose up enough and made me feel like I was sliding off the front of the seat. These were all with the old-style seats, so maybe that's been fixed. RANS can recline more, but at the expense of tiller, which a lot of people don't like. I don't have any experience with other LWBs.

Gary Mc 01-26-05 11:15 AM

Which recumbent is most comfortable depends on what you are comfortable with. I liked the seat on my Rans Stratus but found it a bit too upright. Low speed steering was difficult,especially on hills, and therefore uncomfortable, but perhaps now helped by the ergo bars that have since become available.

I have come to like the mess seat on a trike (GTO) and the underseat steering. But, I have read of others who could not abide either.

"How comfortable" is highly dependent on individual uses and needs from seat angle to hand position.

fofa 01-27-05 03:08 PM

I think as with anything, there are pros and cons to each design, and even model.
I like my LWB ASS, about the only thing I think I would change is swap the 20 inch front for a 26 like the back. I don't feel the bumps near as much on the back as I do the front.
I also like the BB being a little lower than the seat.
I happen to have an older Lightfoot Cycles explorer. I like it, but it is kind of heavy.
But to carry me, that is what I needed.
I think if you can just find some place to try as many as you can, that helps quit a bit. That is how I found I liked the LWB ASS over MWB or USS.

Dr. Duk 01-28-05 09:49 AM

Choosing the best or what is perceived as the BEST is like choosing between a Ford or Chevy. Different strokes different folks. If everyone chose the same brand or model the world and cycling would be very mudane. We do not want to go back to the Model T era. :D

Carpe Diem

pauncho 01-30-05 08:33 AM

There is widespread agreement that the RANS seat is the most comfortable.

Most ordinary folks, that is to say, most people who don't have exceptional flexibility, find a low bottom bracket more comfortable even if it is a little bit less efficient at applying power to the wheels.

I'll bet it is true that, if you are in superb physical condition, a $6000 titanium Gold Rush is a little bit faster. That wasn't the question asked. For most of us ordinary schlubs, a Stratus is the most comfortable bike.

Dr. Duk 01-30-05 09:52 AM

Hey Pauncho:

Totally agree with your statement "The Rans seat is the best on the market for comfort". In the near future I will be ordering a Rans seat replacement for my Ti-Rush but I will still maintain that the Ti-Rush is the most comfortable ALL AROUND STOCK "Bent" on the market. One of my riding friends sits astride a Rans Stratus. He has ridden my Ti-Rush and IHHO quoted "A very substantial difference in the ride and handling between the Stratus and Ti-Rush". The Stratus is on the same par as the TourEasy of which I own. I have ridden a few miles on the above mention Stratus and am quite impressed with the quality and ride but my Ti-Rush stills has my heart and soul. :D :D :D :beer:

Carpe Diem

john riley 01-30-05 12:26 PM

Hey Dr. Duk, in terms of comfort as a result of frame compliance on bumps, how much of a difference is there between a TE and a TiR?

Ritz 01-30-05 04:31 PM

Ti-Rush without a doubt! Dr. Duckie, I am envious Sir! WWW.TOURDEPANTS.COM . :D

Dr. Duk 01-30-05 07:10 PM


Originally Posted by john riley
Hey Dr. Duk, in terms of comfort as a result of frame compliance on bumps, how much of a difference is there between a TE and a TiR?

Obviously the TE is a heavier "Bent" than a TiGRR. The Ti absorbs the bumps more than the TE so it is a more comfortable ride BUT when I was astride the TE there where no complaints from me on the ride or handling of the TE. I love the design but I wish there had been more thought in using more advanced fasteners instead of hose clamps, etc. When one pays high dollars for an exceptional machine one expects the quailty to transcend thoughout the machine. Example Lexus vs Ford :cry:

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TrailBarge 02-02-05 09:18 PM

The GRR is a good bike. I rode one awhile back and it is all its cracked up to be.

For my money, I'm upgrading from my Burley Canto to a Longbikes Slipstream in about 3 weeks here. I test rode one a year ago and I have never gotten that feeling of perfection out of my mind.

Just to make sure, I went to the Bicycle Man in NY and test rode the two side by side. GRR great.... Slipstream, perfection.

I'm new to the forum. I ghosted for awhile and I've noticed that the most vocal majority are EZ evangelists. I don't blame them. EZ, Rans, and some others make good products. Heck, I would enjoy the Canto if I weighed 100lbs less (ahem... if I had less power in my legs... it flexes a bit too much for me).

I just had to sign on and let y'all know about an alternative.

In the end... shop around and see what YOU like. It's almost cliche, but I know some who would never touch a LWB and I have read the accounts of some who've trans-am'ed on Bike Friday's and BikeE's. You have my opinion on the "ultimate".... others disagree.

Good luck and most of all.... have fun.

TrailBarge 02-03-05 08:01 AM

BeepBeep said: "Open yur eyes, Doc. Because of frame triangulation the antiquated ER series..." yada yada yada.

Wow, talk about vanity smurf speaking from a narrow viewpoint.

I have a Burley Canto. My roadie riding partner was wondering why I was having such a tough time climbing. He rode with me on a particularly ungentle climb and noticed an unbelieveable amoount of frame flex, which was both robbing power as well as throwing me of balance.

Burley makes a great bike, and I'm sure that it is fine for folks of your mass and power output, but folks who are built of mountain man stock rather than Tyler Hamiton build need a different frame, hence my post reaffirming the need to test ride several kinds of bike to find the right one.

Perhaps, BeepBeep, we could shelve the condescension?

Dr. Duk 02-03-05 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by BeepBeep
Open yur eyes, Doc. Because of frame triangulation the antiquated ER series, (ti-rush included) are NOT the "most comfortable ALL AROUND STOCK "Bent" on the market". Fact is, they're more commonly refered to as the "Hard tail". Since were talking Cadillac ride and quality, PRODUCTION LWB machines, I think the hands down winner here would be the Burley Spider. It's also interesting to note, that the BROL 2004 Bike of the Year Readers' Choice was a Burley's LWB Jett Creek/Koosah - and they don't even have the Spider's plush ride.

Amusing what five G's worth of titanuim does to the brain!

I dislike lowering myself to this post but "UP YOUR BEEPBEEP". JEALOUSY WILL NOT ENHANCE ONES' LIFE. If you like to make these disparaging posts please go over to The fact of the matter is I can AFFORD any "Bent" on the market and I have owned and currently own a number of exceptional "Bents". :D :D :D

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Dr. Duk 02-03-05 10:29 AM

BeepBeep:Amusing what five G's worth of titanuim does to the brain!

Your previous post intrigues me so I have to ask the question "Just what experience do you have with titanium GRR's"?

Carpe Diem

John4Jack 02-05-05 08:45 AM

In response to the specifics of the original inquiry, the TiRush can't be beat. In terms of bang for the buck, the tried and true GRR is a superb bike. The main difference I noticed between my TiRush and my GRR was that the TiRush was a little softer ride over chip seal and minor bumps.

MrEWorm 02-05-05 09:18 AM

So Barry4838, has your question been answered? This thread has become a flame war but has it been informative for you?
Have you gone out and test rode a few bents? What do you find most comfortable.

barry4838 02-05-05 10:30 AM

Actually, you might find this hard to believe, but, I rode both bikes at my lbs and I really love the handling of my Sun EZ sport. IT is not as cusiony over some bumps but I am putting in front and reat Pantour hubs. I did not like hitting my heal afew times whileturning on the GRR ot the TE. BElieve it or not the Sport was considerably quieter than the other two which cost almost three times what I paid . So for now I will keep my Sun Sport and perhaps add a low racer instead of spending more bucks on a bike that is not all that much different than what I am riding now. If I were into speed Maybe I would upgrade to the TE or GGR but I really did not see the need to. Florida roads are very smooth and flat. The Sun Sport will do just fine for now.

MrEWorm 02-05-05 11:36 AM

Pardon my ignorance. What will the hubs do?

barry4838 02-05-05 12:07 PM

There are many times when I ride with my wife that we must ride on sidewalks. They are not exactly a pleasure to ride on, not to mrntion getting on and off them at each corner. Your ignorance is excused.

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