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dingpat 01-30-05 12:43 PM

bent computer
I recently bought an EZ-1 super cruiser and love the bike to death! I also bought of computer to keep track of my mileage and how much speed I can rack up. The problem is that the computer doesn't work. Anyone else happen to have a sigma sport computer on a bent?

BlazingPedals 01-30-05 04:18 PM

If that's the wireless model, good luck making it work. Transmitters on a wireless computer typically only have a range of about 14 inches.

dingpat 01-30-05 04:59 PM

no, it's a wired model

2manybikes 01-30-05 06:40 PM

The most common cause, if it's not a wireless is the position of the magnet in relation to the pickup. Did this computer work at all ? The magnet has to be very close to the pickup. Also make sure the head is well seated in the base and check the wires where thay come out of the base. Do the numbers show on the screen? did you program it? did you ever test it with the magnet to see if it works at all?

dingpat 01-30-05 08:28 PM

The computer has not worked since I opened the package. I worked on the magnet problem to put them close together, but have not considered the wire positioning a problem since you mentioned it. computer itself works, numbers and everything. It just doesn't read the speed or the distance. I have also spun the wheel to test the magnet, but apart from that have not worked on it too intensively.

2manybikes 01-30-05 08:53 PM

If the display shows the numbers it is not very likely there is anything wrong inside the computer unless you really dropped it hard. When you push the buttons can you get the display to change? If you can the battery is OK.

Did you program it? Do you have small wheels on the bent? Did you program it for the right size wheels BTW?

Assuming you did, Check that the computer is properly all the way into the mount very carefully. If it is, take the spoke magnet off the spoke and keep trying to make the computer register by touching the pickup with the magnet. Be in a position where you see the readout and keep touching the magnet to the pickup repeatedly, as if the wheel was turning. It takes a few cycles for the readout to change. If that works go back to the instructions and look carefully at the alignment positioning of the magnet
to the pickup.

I have six Sigma Sport computers and work at a shop that sells them. I have seen one batch off the shelf that were around so long that even when new they needed to have the batteries replaced. I think I did see a couple that the pickup switch did not work when new. It was a few years ago.

What model do you have?

dingpat 01-30-05 09:14 PM

I have the BC 800 model. my front tire is 16 inches. everything on the screen checks out

dingpat 01-30-05 09:31 PM

dude, thanks so much for the advice! I tried the magnet to sensor test, and it worked! That allowed me to figure out what the problem was. Thanks a lot!

2manybikes 01-30-05 09:56 PM


Originally Posted by dingpat
dude, thanks so much for the advice! I tried the magnet to sensor test, and it worked! That allowed me to figure out what the problem was. Thanks a lot!

:beer: excellent ! Glad I could help.

Go for a test ride :)

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