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BlazingPedals 11-18-12 02:26 PM

Brat 2013
It's never too early to start planning. The organizers of BRAT (Bike Ride Around Tennessee) have announced that they are planning a tour in the western part of the state for 2013. I'm definitely in - the west is totally recumbent-friendly, especially compared to the mountains they rode this year. I did BRAT in the west in 2009, and made a ride report here.

BRAT is a tenting trip. They carry your stuff and feed you most breakfasts and suppers. Overnights are at state parks, and dining is often at the park's inn, with occasional on-site caterers used. If anybody else out there is looking for a tour to do next year, think about doing this one. More 'bents will be more fun!

Tractortom 01-03-13 03:11 PM

I mentioned this ride to my wife the other day. A couple years ago we did the Cycle North Carolina ride from the mountains to the beach. I had a great time riding everyday, but blew out my knee on the second to last day of the ride and didn't get to ride the final day. I made the trip on a Catrike Trail that I had upgraded in about every way possible without cutting the frame. It was a great ride with a lot of nice people and some stunning scenery along the way. I'd like to try the BRAT this year, and signed up on their site for email updates. We'll see what the summer and fall here in South Florida bring...

Tractor Tom in Okeechobee, FL

BlazingPedals 01-10-13 08:26 AM

I did the CNC ride in 2001. I didn't appreciate that they over-sold and under-supplied the food plan, but I really liked the route. We started in the mountains and as the week wore on, the terrain got flatter. The last day was almost a sprint; and my buddy (on a GRR) and I (on my V-Rex) acquired a tail of about 20 other riders. At the time, I had just bought my Baron, but it wasn't in proper shape to ride yet.

I heard that the management changed a year or two later, but I never went back. I may revisit it someday. It would be super-fun on a lowracer.

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