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pwerff 02-12-05 06:35 PM

shorter steering stem
Hi, I wonder if anyone has shortened their steering stem. I have a near new Action Bent Road Runner and I find the handle bars too high. The only way to lower it would be to hack 2 inches off the bottom of the stem, but since the stem is flared at about 3 1/2 inches up, I would also have to take off about 1 1/2 inches off the shaft attached to the fork. That would leave only about 1 1/2 inches of shaft clamped into the stem. I'm not sure if that is adequate. Anyone have any experience or suggestions?


sch 02-12-05 10:12 PM

It is considered adequate on road bikes which are much more heavily loaded than
the ActionBent is in the same area. If there is two bolt clamping on the tube I
would think it would be ok. Have you checked with ActionBent on the availability
of shorter stems? If I hadn't bollixed my collection of several years favorites
recently I could have given you the name of a builder who could fab up a replacement
for $40 or so. Steve

pwerff 02-13-05 08:44 PM

Thanks, I will check with action bent on what they might have, and also check with the local (wedgies only) bike store to see what they think before I hack things up. Interesting that one of the google links gives advice on how to clean the stems on wine glasses!! Not what I was looking for.


jrcln 05-06-05 11:24 PM

My suggestion would be to take all your measurements that you feel you need, and look for the appropriate stem on ebay or on some of the online catalogs to find what you need. I cant recommend buying on the internet at all, but if you can find one that would fit ,in one of the catalogs, you could order it from a local dealer or from the catalog.

johntolhurst 05-08-05 12:23 AM

If there is not much overlap where the clamp goes then failure - if it were to occur - would be the inner tube collapsing. You can protect against this by inserting a sleeve inside it, which probably would be one of the standard OD sizes, e.g. 7/8"; 1"; 1 1/8 etc. These sizes can be found on old bikes, waiting to meet a new life via your hacksaw.

The load may not be the same as a regular bike, but study how much leverage this load has on the join and whether the load could turn the clamped join into a hinge. :)

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