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rydabent 06-28-13 07:23 AM

What is sorry to say is that "real" cyclist-------read DF ---riders can make fun of recumbents. But if a bent rider mentions the short commings of DF bikes, mainly seats and comfort, they really get their knickers in a knot.

Pondering this subject for a while, IMHO recumbents are doing just fine. Trikes are making a large surge, and baby boomers more and more are finding that they can ride bents without pain. Also a larger percentage of cross country riders are finding that being on a bent for hours is far less painful, and they are able to set up and see the scenery that they are riding thru. Being able to see the scenery is one of the main reasons for a cross country tour. Bent riders are not forced to stare at their front wheels. If they crane their necks up for hours, it becomes a pain in the neck. Dont say is is not, as I have been there and done that.

So in my humble opinion bents do not really need an image make over.

osco53 06-28-13 10:51 AM

Bent riders are not like the 'Lemmings jumping of cliffs' We do not follow the Pied Piper, We Ride Our Way XD

tshelver 06-28-13 07:09 PM

I couldn't care less about the lycra roadie pack mentality. I went car free for a few years and my trike did it all, even though I'm not the strongest rider in the world.

it has the stability and gearing to grind up the steepest hills even towing a trailer loaded with 2 weeks of groceries and shopping, or a full touring load.
And I could get over 40 mph downhill with the same load.

rydabent 06-29-13 05:36 PM

tshelver +1

Robert C 06-29-13 11:54 PM

Well, another convert.

I mentioned earlier that my daughter and her friends took my Bacchetta Giro to the park to learn how to ride it. While some here rudely implied that needing to "learn" to ride is evidence of absolute stupidity, it went well.

There is no way it will replace a work bike, the bent is not ideal for delivery work; however, it is clearly going to get a lot of use by her while I am out of the country. She has commented that she clearly sees the advantage for any medium distance trips. This week she will be going on a three day ride with her friends and it is what she will be taking.

This is her first week of extensive use of the bent; even so, she has commented that she is having no trouble keeping up with her friends on the road and that she can see that she is still in the ”getting faster” part of the curve. Another odd observation she made is that she gets more space when people pass her. However, as a young woman on a recumbent, she gets a lot of questions when she is stopped. In all, I can say that she is a convert and several of her friends will probably follow. . .

. . . Of course, this means that I may need to get another bent when I get home. . . I have been thinking of a velo-mobile. . .

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