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barry4838 02-21-05 10:05 AM

tuffy liners
I saw them at my LBS as well as thornresistant tubes. Anyone have experience with eiether? pros and cons.

steveknight 02-21-05 12:15 PM

they work well though gettign a better tire is even mroe important. I had them in a not so know kevlar lined tire and I got two flats thn I put thme in some armaddilo's and not flats. so is it the tire or the liner? or was it because I want from 35psi to 100 psi?

cjs1948 02-21-05 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by barry4838
I saw them at my LBS as well as thornresistant tubes. Anyone have experience with eiether? pros and cons.

I've used the liners in two trikes and I highly recommend them. I did a test once just to see how hard it was to push a stiff pin through--it was very difficult. We've had no flats since the liners were installed. In tires where I haven't used the liners I have Goo (Slime) which also works quite well. However when you pull the thorns out there is a little pffftt of air that follows. Four or five thorns and you probably should reinflate for proper pressure. I've taken twenty thorns at a time out of the lined tires (Maxxis--already thick) without issue.

The thorn resistant tubes have not been of much interest to me. They just have a thick side to them and weigh more than liners and Goo together. The Tuffys give thichness and strength at the same time--therefore handle more than thorns such as glass shards. In our Kevlar Marathons and Comets I currently have just the Goo and it's working fine. But you can be sure that the moment I have any problem (I DO NOT fix tires on the road) I will slam the Tuffys in with the Gooed tube.


richking1953 02-22-05 06:11 PM

One thing to watch for is the Mr Tuffy's can cause a flat by cutting through the tube at the place they overlap, especially if you're running the tube at high pressure. This happened to me twice and I've heard of it happening to others. I read somewhere you can prevent this by putting a little duct tape over that overlap spot. I haven't tried that.
I've had better luck with panaracer flataways, a kevlar tire liner. They're light, tough, and don't seem to affect rolling resistance. Unfortunately there pricier and also harder to find but I'm told most LBS's should be able to order them.
I'm not a fan of thornproof tubes. They really add to rolling resistance, in my experience. I 2nd the motion that liners are a better alternative.

rmwun54 02-22-05 06:58 PM

Use the tuffy sandpapered and glue it to the tire with rubber cement.

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