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radar9628 07-11-13 02:48 PM

Rans xstream 26 opportunity - newby questions
I have an opportunity to buy a 6 year old, very good condition rans xstream 26. I rode a basic recumbent years ago and have always wanted one. This bike could be bought for half the new price which makes it worth considering. My questions:
1) Do I need a special bike rack to haul this puppy? I currently have a Graeber to haul my mtn bike.

2) Where do you carry water while riding? I usually wear a Camelback (on my back) and don't really want to plop it in my lap while riding.

3) pros and cons regarding this bike? Please share.


Retro Grouch 07-11-13 03:38 PM

If I were going to do a coast-to-coast ride I think that's the bike I'd want to use.

1. I doubt you would need a special rack for this bike but you'll have to figure out the best way to hang it on the bike rack arms.
2. Assuming you have the regular Rans seat, there are 2 sets of water bottle cage mounts behind the seat. I use a seat bag on my SWB Rans to hold a camelback reservoir + anything else I choose to carry.

JanMM 07-11-13 07:05 PM

If you do have a standard RANS seat with bottle cage fittings, as RG suggested above, and if those threaded holes have not been accessed, you would have to make holes in the seat fabric to get to them - a soldering iron works well for this. This is true for the RANS SlingMesh seat, too.
Hanging a LWB across the back of a car can be problematic, depending on the length of the bike and the width of the car. Opinions will vary on this. Have never tried it with my V3. Removing the front wheel can help.
A tandem length rack would be needed to carry an XStream on a roof rack.
I would like to try an XStream, too. With 26 inch wheels. Haven't read of any deficits of the early XS26 models. Half price sounds nice.

Retro Grouch 07-11-13 08:03 PM


Originally Posted by JanMM (Post 15841326)
Hanging a LWB across the back of a car can be problematic, depending on the length of the bike and the width of the car.

I looked up the Xstream after I posted. It's not quite 8' long. Most cars are about 6' wide or a little more so you'll be sticking out a little on each side but you'll still be legal.

Dchiefransom 07-11-13 09:09 PM

Putting the Xstream on your rack would have most of the weight above the rack, and the bike would want to rotate downward. Best to try it out before you use that rack. Putting the Xstream across the back of you car might not be legal in California. It can't extend past the mirrors on a private vehicle.

Ajenkins 07-13-13 07:44 PM

You might want to take a look at my recent review of the Xstream.

osco53 07-14-13 01:11 PM

LWB's, Rans, Easy Racer's, Long Wheel Base bents eat miles, they are super comfy. If Its too wide take the wheels off when on the car rack... tie up the chain slack..

radar9628 07-15-13 10:30 AM

Thanks everyone - you've been very helpful. Your feedback gives me lots to think about - especially how often I will take this out on long, paved trails or road. I'm wondering if there is an opportunity in metro Detroit where I could try out a number of recumbents in order to make more of an informed opinion about the different types all in one place. Even if a bike shop allowed me to test ride a couple, it would probably be in their parking lot. (Can't say I blame them!) Is there such a 'try before you buy' type event - perhaps sponsored by recumbent riders/bike manufacturers? Where would I look for something like that?


BlazingPedals 07-15-13 11:15 AM

Wolverbents, loosely based in SE Michigan:

radar9628 07-15-13 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by BlazingPedals (Post 15853133)
Wolverbents, loosely based in SE Michigan:

Thanks so much for the link!

BlazingPedals 07-16-13 10:38 AM

Contact Wolverbob, from the members list.

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