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Cyclebum 07-14-13 07:38 AM

Tracking a line
Easy at 15 mph. Not so easy at 3 mph.

I ride a TE, locally and cross country. On rare occasion, I'll encounter grades >7%. I do not like pushing. Thus an interest in 'how slow can I go on this thing' and stay upright?

Answer: 2.5 mph. How? By moving my hands inward on the bar, thus reducing the leverage affect. By spinning@>80 rpm. By focusing on the horizon.

Yeah, there is some wobbling about, but well within the tolerable range.

Any thoughts on this issue from other 2 wheelers out there? I know this is a non-issue for you trike guys.

gcottay 07-14-13 10:35 AM

The only things I can add to your list are keeping upper body totally relaxed and avoiding head bob when increasing power. If things get really tough and you have the room available, creating some informal switchbacks can help with keeping speed up.

osco53 07-14-13 01:20 PM

Lean back and relax everything, Hold the bars like you have a Dove in each hand and you want them to be able to breathe,,, I often ride with one hand at low speeds and let the front end oscillate a little, Its a rhythm I seek. Get the bars set so your elbows are bent some. The Low speed wobble I have on my TE is not an Issue at all, never fight the bike just let it be..

Cyclebum 07-14-13 06:59 PM


Originally Posted by osco53 (Post 1585004)
I often ride with one hand at low speeds and let the front end oscillate a little, Its a rhythm I seek.

I got the relax bit down. Next time I'll try it one handed and try to capture that 'rhythm'. Thanks. I'm also gonna check into getting a lower granny to increase the spin rate on some steep climbs I'm expecting in Utah this September.

Pretty sure I never went that slow on the DF, but never checked it either. I was able to climb some 16% grades on the loaded DF while seated, using aerobars. They were only about 400 ft long though.

rydabent 07-14-13 07:19 PM

After riding bents for almost 8 years now, I have very little wobble at all. When comming up to a red light, I can ride quite straight at 3 or 4 mph. Starting off I can usually stay in a traffic line 4 or 5 inches wide.

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