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Juan Foote 08-10-13 08:43 AM

Follow up: SRAM DD
I have sourced a SRAM Dual Drive with the freehub body and am getting all the bits together to get it installed and operational. When asking about options comments were made regarding the strength of the pawls in the 3sp drive as it regards loaded touring. I was looking around and cannot find any specific information about a weight limit, failures, or really much of anything except praise for the Sachs hub that SRAM took over (buyout/purchase) and resumed building out of apparent overstock.

It would be quite helpful if anyone knows where to find more specific information or even documented "hearsay" on where that load limit is.

VegasTriker 08-10-13 02:35 PM

Sketchy info at SRAM website
SRAM isn't very good at supplying such information. If you go to the SRAM website and look up the only reference I could find on operating instructions for the Dualdrive: Look down to find the dualdrive operating instructions (English). There is only one reference to suitability for the DD. It states not suitable for tandems or for delivery bikes. That would lead to questioning whether or not it is suitable for a heavily loaded touring trike. That said, Greenspeed has fitted their GTO model with SACHS Spectro 7 and later the SRAM DualDrive for more than a decade. The GTO was built to be the touring version of their trike line. I have read about a number of DD failures on Go there and search of "dualdrive failure" and I'm sure you will get some anecdotal advice. Or, you could ask your question in the Technical Discussion category.

Juan Foote 08-18-13 01:51 PM

Thanks Vegas. Where I will not be doing fully unsupported "tours" it would be nice to know where the limit is.

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