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VegasTriker 08-30-13 10:30 AM

Catrike Recall 2013 models
This is old news to anyone who reads the Bentrideronline forums but I haven't seen it here. Catrike has recalled all of the 2013 trikes that used a new aluminum spindle. There have been reports of at least 5 trikes where the spindle began separating into two pieces. Catrike is in the process of building 12,000 replacement parts at this time and recommends not using the trikes until the parts have been replaced. Here are the serial numbers for the affected trikes: CT71014-CT71250 CTE2996-CTE3360 CTR1978-CTR2078 CTT1861-CTT2027 CTV2201-CTV2539 CTP1072-CTP1165
Here is the first report I saw:
There is a picture of the steering spindle in post #47 but you have to be logged in to bentrideronline to see the picture:
If the steering spindle separates completely, the wheel on that side of the trike will fall off and the frame will drag on the ground.

I own one of them and was surprised that the seller, Utah Trikes, has not bothered to notify me. The recall has been out for about a month so there was plenty of time. This is just a heads up in case you are one of the people who has a new 2013 Catrike.

BlazingPedals 09-03-13 11:06 AM

Thanks for the heads-up. Not being a trike owner, what exactly is the spindle? Is it a front axle? I only went through the first page-and-a-half, so maybe there was a pic somewhere down the thread that I didn't see?

osco53 09-03-13 04:40 PM

Eeer It Iz :

Axle comes out from the wheel, turns up into the spindle..

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