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cplager 10-10-13 07:50 PM

Facebook update: hackers again.

20_700c 10-11-13 04:35 AM

It's back up again - since ~10something PM last night.
Not taking bets on how long it'll stay up and unhacked this time.

Bryan Ball 10-11-13 08:04 AM

Hey everyone! Sorry for the downtime. We may have to get rid of vBulletin. That's how we keep getting hacked. Looking for a service that has a good interface and will import the current database and user accounts. vBulletin is VERY expensive and just isn't keeping up their end of the bargain anymore. There are CONSTANT vBulletin hacks and attacks but we don't have the IT manpower to block them so that you don't notice them like larger sites do. Won't be a quick fix. Site will remain up in the mean-time but doing some shopping today and this weekend. As if I have weekends...

Siu Blue Wind 10-11-13 11:00 AM

Hmm.. I run two other vbulletin sites besides this one and we don't have these problems. Perhaps it's not vbulletin?

Bryan Ball 10-11-13 11:19 AM

Lucky you, then... Hope it never does. It's a royal PIA. A google search shows that I am far from alone here. It's definitely vBulletin exploits that they use to get in.

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