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BlazingPedals 09-10-13 10:41 AM

BROL seems to be down. Or at least, I can't get to it. Are others having the same problem?

cplager 09-10-13 10:49 AM


Maybe we should ask for a sticky "Is BROL Down?" thread? :D

gcottay 09-10-13 11:51 AM

Yep, it's completely down.

bike eagle 09-10-13 02:45 PM

Likewise. Does Bryan ever come here to calm us BROL addicts?

Sort of like (spoken in an unflappable airline pilot voice):

"Folks, this is your Captain speaking, we are experiencing a routine emergency. Nothing to be concerned about..."

20_700c 09-10-13 04:11 PM

Still down @~5:10 US CDT.

JanMM 09-10-13 07:06 PM

Down but not out, I am sure.

lowracer1 09-10-13 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by JanMM (Post 16052744)
Down but not out, I am sure.

9:54 pm and still down.

megaman 09-10-13 08:32 PM

Bryan used to stop by when BROL was down, just to let us know what was going on. But that didn't work out so well since he had a stalker on this site.

ComicDom1 09-10-13 10:38 PM

Seems like its been down all day. I went by the Easy Racers forum and saw a few over there, but not much going on.


no1mad 09-11-13 02:14 AM

and still down...

cplager 09-11-13 06:40 AM

From BROL on Facebook (as transcribed by me):


We apologize profusely for the extended downtime. No one is more angry than we are. We've been the victim of several cyber attacks over the last year and we're trying to make sure it gets fixed right and doesn't happen again.

cplager 09-11-13 07:47 AM

The web server is alive (but not yet serving what we'd except). Good sign.

osco53 09-11-13 04:05 PM

Sorry, I jest couldn't help my self :)

Doug5150 09-11-13 05:05 PM

For future reference:

no1mad 09-12-13 12:10 AM

Looks to be back up...

no1mad 09-12-13 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by Doug5150 (Post 16056072)

Bookmarked! :thumb:

cplager 09-12-13 05:12 AM


Originally Posted by Doug5150 (Post 16056072)

Somebody had just posted that site on BROL. Unfortunately, I couldn't use BROL to find it this time... :D

osco53 09-13-13 02:23 PM

LOL,,,TOOoooo Funnay XD

cplager 10-10-13 01:40 PM

Oh... Not again... :(

scarabeoguy 10-10-13 01:57 PM


Originally Posted by cplager (Post 16149865)
Oh... Not again... :(


delcrossv 10-10-13 02:00 PM

Still down :(

iambent 10-10-13 02:13 PM

Whoever host his web server sure seems prone to DOS attacks.

BlazingPedals 10-10-13 02:14 PM

I suspected that, since I couldn't get in from work; but the infrastructure guys have been playing with settings. Good to know it's not them.

cplager 10-10-13 02:28 PM

Here's the site I went to to verify:

JanMM 10-10-13 07:01 PM


Originally Posted by JanMM (Post 16052744)
Down but not out, I am sure.

Still down.

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