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gbenth 09-20-13 03:17 PM

Earthcycles Dragonflyer Manual Wanted
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I just picked up a very nice, well cared for Earthcycles Dragonflyer and would like to find a manual or a copy of one. I am also looking for one of there sales brochures or a copy. This is a very nice trike for me and I have been looking for one for a few years.

Thank You

Juan Foote 09-22-13 08:27 AM

I had not heard of one until this post. Seems you have yourself a bit of legend there. Apparently made in small numbers right before the web really took off. From what I read you had to request a brochure and only a small number were ever sent. I can't even find mention of a manual, as the bikes were all hand built. There are a lot of resourceful people on here, so you never know.

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