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no1mad 10-02-13 06:39 PM

What is your typical "riding environment" like?
Doesn't really matter if you have 2 or 3 wheels (or how it is configured), I'm curious to know where you ride. Like road surfaces and especially density and flow of traffic.

pvillemasher 10-02-13 09:34 PM

I ride almost exclusively on 2-lane country roads. Surfaces are pretty smooth with some rough spots. It doesn't freeze (at least not deep freeze) here so the roads don't get chewed up by water freezing under the surface. On a 30-mile Saturday morning ride I'll see 10 or 15 cars. Same as my lunchtime rides during the week. Nice part is I just roll out my driveway - To the left is the city, to the right is where I ride.

cplager 10-03-13 06:11 AM

I try to ride on less busy two lane roads. I'll sometimes end up on busier 4 lane roads or high speed two lane roads (speed limit 55 mph), but I don't enjoy those as much.

Road surfaces vary a lot (it's Connecticut, so if they're redone, they're nice and if not, well...).

Where I live, if I go north, it gets hillier and less busy. That's where I like to take my pleasure rides.

rydabent 10-03-13 07:45 AM

When just riding by my self for the exercise and fitness, I usually ride on some of the outstanding hard surface bike trails we have in Lincoln. There is right at 125 miles of these trails. I have 4 routes that I can get in my usual ride of 30 to 35 miles. On a whim I will sometimes string the bike trails together with quiet suburban streets. Road or hiway miles are usually ridden with our local bike club or the bent club in Omaha on lesser used two lane roads.

The Savages 10-03-13 08:18 AM

I follow my wheels living in Brooklyn,N.Y. it's hard finding a safe route but i try large parks with trails or the Belt Pkwy bike trail which is off to traffic or the open road i just do it i'm like Nike.

10 Wheels 10-03-13 08:39 AM

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open roads..

flypaca 10-03-13 11:30 AM

I ride mostly two lane mountain roads, both paved and unpaved. I live at the base of the wet mountains in colorado so there are no roads that are very flat it's either up or down. LWB and trike have no real issues until you get some steep washboard rd in the hills.

Juan Foote 10-03-13 12:47 PM

If nothing else, here in the metro Atl area we are graced with good roads. Traffic can be a real crap shoot but for the most part the roads are nice and smooth.

Rootman 10-03-13 01:27 PM

Rural Arkansas here. I start on city streets, mostly stay on lesser traveled ones and duck into sub-divisions when I can to get out of traffic. I eventually run into longer "city" streets with limited housing on it, more like a county road before it reaches the end of the city. Then on to county roads, occasionally crossing highways or a few times on a highway - but I try my best to stay off of these. I use the city MUPS on one leg or other, either going out or coming back.

Asphalt in the city is always good, gets rougher and more patched on middle roads and is usually crappy chip and seal on the county roads. This is why I stick with a hybrid, although my bike is more road bike like than they typical hybrid. A Giant Roam 2, 700C wheels (although 40mm wide), trigger shifters, flat bars (no drops).

It's taken me about 2 years but I have a bunch of routes that I can lengthen or shorten depending on time alloted, weather, how I feel or other factors. Most stay out of heavy traffic and I can really enjoy the open countryside and nature. I'm hemmed in with hills, mountains, valleys and a 35,000 acre lake, so I am limited as to how far I can go before it becomes a real challenge.

osco53 10-03-13 01:40 PM

My regular weekend exercise rides start at about 5am when the roads are empty,
A combination of subdivision roads, side walks, bike lanes and six lane main roads are mostly all mine.
A mile of this takes me to a paved mup that runs out 14 or 15 miles.

Or I go another way and do wide bike lanes and overpasses crossing over Interstate highways leading me to massive shopping mall parking lots...

Now and then I throw the Tour easy In the back of my truck and drive a bit to some really nice central Florida paved trails. I have many.

BlazingPedals 10-03-13 01:55 PM

Most of my riding is on 2-lane country roads. The scenery is a mix of corn fields, bean fields, pasture land, wood lots, and suburban homes. Usually chip-seal, rarely with shoulders or center lines. Car traffic varies, but is rarely a problem. Terrain in mid-Michigan is fairly flat - about 21 feet/mile no matter which direction I go.

Robert C 10-03-13 09:50 PM

China, terrible road surfaces, no traffic laws, insane amounts of traffic doing entirely random things.

Dudelsack 10-04-13 07:59 PM

2 lane country roads. I occasionally commute, but my bent doesn't do that very well, as its a PITA to stop and go with it.

I'm riding MUPs a little more often, as our community is building some nice ones.

In general I ride the same stuff on my bent as I do with my DF, including hills and stuff.

nsfr1206 10-04-13 08:25 PM

2 lane country roads, the 55 mph ones have 18 wheelers and other traffic but are fairly smooth. Some of the 45 mph roads are chip seal and patched.

Dudelsack 10-05-13 09:25 AM


Originally Posted by robert c (Post 16130449)
china, terrible road surfaces, no traffic laws, insane amounts of traffic doing entirely random things.


Robert C 10-06-13 09:07 AM


Originally Posted by Dudelsack (Post 16134660)

DWC??? The only DWC I can put together is Dubai.

Dudelsack 10-06-13 09:10 AM


Originally Posted by Robert C (Post 16136963)
DWC??? The only DWC I can put together is Dubai.

When I lived in San Francisco, dwc meant Driving While Chinese, based on the tendency of many members of that demographic to do dangerous and random moves whilst driving.

JanMM 10-06-13 02:05 PM

I see a lot of DWWB&O (Driving While White, Black or Otherwise) in Indy.

Heavy traffic common on the suburban/urban roads I ride on to and from work. Acclimated to riding in heavy city traffic while previously living in Atlanta.
A mix of mostly two lane suburban and rural roads on my solo or tandem-with-stoker riding.
Predominantly rural two lane lightly traveled roads on weekend club rides. Most of those are in tolerable condition, some with chipseal.

leeinmemphis 10-06-13 04:46 PM

I ride a mix of roads but primarily subdivisions, bike lanes, greenbelts and streets with wide shoulders. Every once in a while I will hit a large busy road but I do my best to avoid them if at all possible

aenlaasu 10-16-13 10:10 PM

Cycle paths around town of course. Unpaved which can range from dirt packed so hard it's as good (or better) than some paved roads to freshly grated with stones the size of small chicken eggs. The occasional forest path. Country roads which can be as small as a single lane. A few times I've been on busier roads and, even though Swedish drivers are among the most polite to cyclists I've ever found, I try to avoid those. Cobblestone roads on rare moments which are about the absolute worst, especially in Bruges.

I've even cycled on a grass runway strip once, after getting clearance from one of the guys in the local glider club. Saved me about a 10 mile double back.

Philphine 10-17-13 02:42 PM

i don't do any serious riding so it's rides around the neighborhood or take a bike downtown to ride the riverwalk path, with a pop out onto city streets at the end to link two parks and a section where the path is closed off.

latlely though, i've been working on a more down in the weeds recumbent i'm not real comfortable riding around the neighborhood on yet. it feels too vunerable. if i finish it i'm not sure where it might get ridden.

lenA 10-17-13 03:04 PM

Farm roads in the Driftless Area of WI

Boy, am I lucky

fietsbob 10-17-13 04:09 PM

Roads and Bridges and planked in rail trestles, Part of MUP, and the sidewalks ,

in and around the oldest US city, west of the Rockies, on Columbia River Estuary.

tshelver 10-18-13 12:45 AM

Actually, I think it would be useful to see what people ride in the different environments.

I ride in SE Asia (Philippines) quite a bit, and can't see how I would manage a high or low racer, for example.

No MUPS, bike paths or any such facilities. For longer rides (more than 20 miles, either I have to take the main road out of town along the coast, or do some serious climbing up into the hills.

Traffic is as you'd expect, heavy in town, with buses, jeepneys, minibusses, big and small trucks, tricycles, and many motorcycles, all trying to make headway and ignoring most of the rules of the road.

Roads are mostly poorly surfaced, and often dirty and slippery.

Once about 20 miles out of the city, the traffic calms down a bit, bit you still need to keep your wits about you.

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