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nogods 10-09-13 09:58 AM

DIY bike trailer hitch for recumbent delta trike
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I made a trailer "hitch" for my E3 SX from two aluminum flat bars purchased from Home Depot (this item:

First I bent a 7 1/2 inch 90 degree bend in each bar. Then I drilled two holes so that each bar could be attached to the two anchor points on each side of the top portion of the rear axle housing.

Then I bend another 90 degree angle at 2 5/8 inches from the first bend so that each bar turned toward the middle of the rear of the bike, and the remainder of the bar stuck out the back end. I cut the remainder so that it didn't stick out past the basket.

Then I drilled a hole in the end of both bars to attach the bike trailer receiver. I also drilled a hole near the edge of the second bend to use a screw to keep the two bars pressed together if I remove the trail hitch for any reason.

click on the pictures to see a larger version of each

From left side:

From right side:

entire setup:

nogods 10-11-13 10:23 AM

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Got a chance to try it out this morning - worked perfectly:

sofiadragon1979 12-22-14 11:36 AM

How difficult was it to make the hitch 'cause I'm going to be getting a Sun EZ-3 delta trike in the near future & I would like to use a trailer w/ it & this is the best adaptation that I have been able to find.

osco53 12-23-14 05:55 PM

Love that trike,

Still working on my Hitch set up..

Fatoldbiker 04-07-17 08:05 PM

Hi, I'm a 62 year old hip replacement patient with bad knees, but biking works well for me. I had a trailer for my upright bike, but then I bought a used Sun EZ3 SX and needed a way to tow the trailer with it. I found your hitch, liked the simplicity, and used the general idea with minor changes. I used 1" aluminum bar stock for the hitch bracket, and attached it to the four lugs welded on the rear frame. It works great, was inexpensive and easy to make. Thanks much for the idea!! I made the first part about 7" then bent inwards approx 45 degrees then ran straight, sort of like this:


(Can't post pics yet or I would, but this was a GREAT idea!!)

CliffordK 04-07-17 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by Fatoldbiker (Post 19496748)
(Can't post pics yet or I would, but this was a GREAT idea!!)

Just go to the Advanced Editor, and click on the paper clip icon.

Fatoldbiker 04-07-17 11:49 PM

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OK, here are a couple of pics of the hitch I made based on nogods idea.

Fatoldbiker 04-07-17 11:57 PM


My variation took about 45 minutes. Used a 4' x1'' aluminum bar, cut two 18" pieces. Used a becnh vise to make two bends of 45 degrees (approx.). Drill holes for the four lugs on the frame (5 3/8" apart), one at the end for the actual hitch, and one just past where it straightens out as an extra brace. Cost was about $11 in my area (Wisconsin), materials needed: bench vise, drill and metal drilling bits, grinding stone, crescent wrench, screwdriver, 5 #10 bolts with lock washers and nuts, one bolt to fit your particular hitch unit with lock washer and nut.

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