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Atophy 12-12-13 07:53 PM

Catrike 2013 wheel extension kit
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Anyone with a 2013 trail or villager install these things ?
I have a problem on my smallest cog where the chain contacts one of the installation bolts.
Do I have to fit some spacers or am I doing something wrong ?

rydabent 12-13-13 07:56 AM

I would just suggest getting a shorter bolt that just goes thru the frame and doesnt stick out. Another possibility would be to rearrange spaces on the rear axel to shim the wheel further left.

Atophy 12-14-13 10:28 AM

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Discovered the right extender wasn't quite tightened down enough causing it to skew out a hair, barely noticeable.
All tightened in it clears the bolt, but just barely. Looks like I can keep my 26" wheel dreams.

Juan Foote 12-14-13 05:11 PM

Please share your thoughts on the difference in feel from the 20 to 26

Atophy 12-15-13 02:53 PM


Originally Posted by punkncat (Post 16330493)
Please share your thoughts on the difference in feel from the 20 to 26

I've got the wheel in for building today, once I choose a tire and get a chance to ride i'll be sure to let ya know. Everythings gonna be under snow for a while yet it looks. Ill be sure to catch a warm day though and see if I can make the trails. They don't plow my road unfortunately and sidewalk maintenance is mediocre.
On my old 2 wheeler I really liked the Michelin Country Rock tires, excellent roll on the road and it was still grippy enough for off road on hard pack, felt the difference from the standard MTB knobbies right away.

rydabent 12-16-13 10:13 PM

Im sure you will like the 26" wheel. It gets the RD and chain further up out of the dirt, and will ride some better. Dont forget also that it give you a replaceable RD mount in case it get damaged.

Atophy 12-17-13 11:09 PM

Got my wheel back from the shop today, half way home on the train I noticed something amiss.... The valve stem would have been in a cross, under the reflector and the logo didn't line up to the valve hole. The latter of which isn't much of a bother, but its a sign of a proper build.
I turned around and brought it to their attention, cool heads prevailed all round. I was offered gift cards and stuff but I just wanted it all fixed up, no rush.
Apparently it was one of the new mechanics so it was an honest mistake by someone that didn't know better to pay attention to it.
I get a free rebuild by one of the seniors and they're dropping brass nipples and better spokes for the trouble. :thumb:
I was originally quoted brass nips and better spokes though so it all works out, I asked if they missed something about 3 times when I got to the register with the bill.

Picked up my rubber for it too, A hemisphere Sport.
I wanted something multi-terrain. Just hope its not too fat at 1.95 that it rubs the chain on the top ring. Will be one of the widest tires I've ever used.
Ill be sure to get a pic once its all put together.

Juan Foote 12-22-13 06:59 AM

Looking forward to it.

Atophy 12-22-13 04:51 PM

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Originally Posted by punkncat (Post 16350460)
Looking forward to it.

Because of the rack, I had to find an oddball place to mount my flags. The rack is mounted to the head rest instead of the built in stays, the rack came up short but everything is rock solid as is. I dont think I got new nipples on the rim, the work order says they reused old parts.... Either way, I got what I paid for and I can upgrade some day down the road.
The rear rubber is a Hemisphere sport, 26 x 1.95, wheel is Alexrims DP17 26" disc rim. Its double walled with stainless eyelets. Front rubber is stock 20" Schwalbe racers. The rack is a Filzer PR-4.

The chain still rides really close to the bolt and occasionally touches it but doesn't interfere like before, I'm gonna have to look into ways to slide the wheel over a bit to eliminate contact entirely.

Hindsight being 20x20, I shoulda got an expedition :P

Juan Foote 12-22-13 07:53 PM

Isn't there supposed to be another chain idler?

Atophy 12-23-13 07:29 AM


Originally Posted by punkncat (Post 16352146)
Isn't there supposed to be another chain idler?

Utah trikes said I wouldn't need one with the 2013 trail... I took their word for it and skipped the extra 125 bucks...

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