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anaheim flash 12-21-13 05:35 PM

New Tire Day
put the duranos on. have not had a chance to ride them out more than a block or so, but love 'em on my giro!!!

Aushiker 12-22-13 05:06 AM

I have been using Schwalbe Duranos for a little while on my diamond frame bikes and now have them on the front at least of my LoGo Lightning P-38. Pretty happy with them so far but did a puncture on the front the other day. Just one of those things ... only done 22 kilometres.

I am also a fan of Continental Grand Prix 4000s tyres but don't believe they come in 20".


osco53 12-22-13 04:25 PM

Bontrager H5's or T2 roads,,why ?

Because they don't cost fifty or sixty dollars...

Try $25, wear like Iron, great traction, roll perfectly, I just don't get punctures....

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