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whitemax 12-22-13 09:05 AM

Can a bent be put on a trainer?
Roadie here, wanted to know if a recumbent bike can be used on a Cycleops or Kurt Kinetic trainer like a road bike can. If so, anybody here do it? Anything specific to know? I have no idea. Thanks!

MikeWMass 12-22-13 10:50 AM

I would think if you have 700c (or maybe even 650) wheels you should be able to do it.
If you have smaller wheels, Racermate used to make wind trainers that gripped the front fork and the rear wheel just rode on the axle of the fans; that should work with a SWB with small wheels if you can find one.
I have seen a U-tube video of someone riding a 'bent on rollers, I don't think I'm quite up to that yet!

JanMM 12-22-13 01:21 PM

A couple of winters ago I used my V3 (with 559 wheels) on an old Minoura Team MagTurboII.

20_700c 12-22-13 03:45 PM

I'm "riding" a Bacchetta Giro with a 26" rear wheel "on" a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine trainer. Obviously, my 650c Corsa would also work as would any bike with 700c wheels.

Kurt Kinetic also sells a "small wheel adapter" to use wheels 24" or smaller.

I've only had the trainer for about a month but it's working out fine for me. The difference between the relative quiet of the trainer's fluid resistance unit and my previous experience with "fan" trainers is huge - I can ride indoors, upstairs on a wooden floor without a rubber mat, with the door and not interfere with people watching TV down a short hallway.

I don't know of any "special knowledge" required for using a recumbent on my trainer.

osco53 12-22-13 04:27 PM

whitemax 12-22-13 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by osco53 (Post 16351719)

Thanks, I already have a trainer or were you trying to show me the adapter for size 20 or 24 wheels? What size wheel does a typical bent have anyway? Thanks again!

VegasTriker 12-22-13 07:16 PM

There is no "typical bent" wheel size. I have 2 and 3 wheel bents with 20", 26", 27" and 700C drive wheels. The larger drive wheels work best in the one I have (el cheapo BikeExtras found at the curb in the trash). The one that will not work has a 3 X 8 rear drive and a gear changer that sticks out of the axle. IMHO, riding on a trainer is boring compared to riding on the street.

osco53 12-23-13 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by VegasTriker (Post 16352034)
IMHO, riding on a trainer is boring compared to riding on the street.

It helps if you get a big fan, set it on full blast, park it out front of you while your on the trainer...

Remember, only bikers know why dogs like to hang their head out of the car window :thumb::D:roflmao2:

rydabent 01-10-14 08:50 AM

A tadpole trike would seem to be ideal on a trainer because of the stability.

delcrossv 01-16-14 04:50 PM

If you have a 406 drive wheel, you'll need a "small wheel adapter" available for the Kinetic. Else it's just like any other bike.

BlazingPedals 01-16-14 07:07 PM

I think the only 'bents that would have problems would be ones that use IGHs (internally-geared hubs,) such as a 3x7 or a DualDrive. I'll second the notion that there is no such thing as a 'standard' wheel size for bents. My stable includes 406, 451, 507, 559, and 622 wheels; and the 559 can be interchanged with a 571.

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