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plodderslusk 12-27-13 08:51 AM

A fat Trike to the south pole !
Congratulations to Maria, an amazing feat !

osco53 12-27-13 04:35 PM

Way cool,, no pun intended XD

rtool 12-27-13 05:46 PM


rydabent 12-29-13 08:16 AM

Still another record for a bent. As far as I know bents in some form hold all the cycling records. I know that records are only "official" if cyclist ride UCI spec bikes, but that is their problem. They are trying to hang on to an antique 1890 design.

BTW even tho she started 2 days later, by taking a more difficult route she beat two DF riders. It is another great first for bents. IMO she used the proper tool for the ride at hand.

As an after thot, I bet she didnt have too much tire problem with goat head stickers or broken glass. :)

prooftheory 01-15-14 01:01 PM

She didn't just beat them. She was done in 10 days and the guys are still out there at 20 plus days.

BlazingPedals 01-27-14 12:51 PM

As of the last report I saw, only one upright rider had made it. Maria stated that one reason for taking the route she did was that crevasses were filled in for the truck traffic. So although the climb was tough, it was relatively safe. I wonder if the longer route taken by the others avoided glaciers completely and didn't have to worry about crevasses?

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