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Balsawings 01-06-14 10:33 PM

OSS to USS conversion
If I had one wish for my bike it would be under seat steering. I feel this would make it the perfect bike for me. I've owned my EZ Sport for a couple months now and am very happy with it, so this question my seem strange.

Has anyone converted a OSS bike to USS? I know there have been bikes made to that can use both, but is there a company that makes conversion kits. I am quite capable of making my own if I so desired but I would rather not if there were something commercially available. Actually, I would buy a new bike with USS before I would re-engineer this one.

I'm just curious if anything like this has ever been done.


Jeff Wills 01-06-14 11:34 PM

I think you can still get some under-seat-steering parts from The Bicycle Man:

I don't know if you'll find the steering of a converted EZ Sport to your liking. The steering geometry factors in the rider's hands pulling back on the bars somewhat. With an USS arrangement, you want different geometry, with a steeper steering angle and less rake.

VegasTriker 01-07-14 12:45 PM

The answer is yes. I don't know about conversion kits but I did change from OSS to USS on a 1997 Linear LWB that I bought used in January 2001. It was purchased by the original owner who immediately had the bike shop convert it to ape-hangar type OSS bars at considerable cost. Fortunately both of the first two owners kept the USS parts and passed them on to me when I bought the bike. The bike was comfortable but I really didn't like having my hands up in the air so I installed the USS parts and within a short time removed the OSS bars permanently. Because the bike had been made for USS, it had all of the attachments on the fork and frame to reinstall the USS bars. USS generally involves a tie rod that connects the handlebars to the front fork so unless you have the attachment welded into the fork as it is on both my Linear LWB and Haluzak Horizon SWB you could not do a simple switch from OSS to USS. The parts aren't cheap either. The last time I looked which was years ago, just the handlebars and tie rod for the Linear cost over $300. It's not something I would like to jury-rig either. If the USS is properly installed, the bike is really stable but if the steering has excessive play, it can be very difficult and fatiguing to steer in a straight line.

BlazingPedals 01-07-14 07:52 PM

Linear is still made, I believe it's by Peter Stull at Bicycle Man. Then there's Longbikes. Both USS. Most USS bikes are European these days.

fietsbob 01-10-14 11:26 AM

Dick Ryan (Vanguard) got to retire when Longbikes , in CO bought him out .. A very nice LWB USS design ,

Met Mr Ryan in Eugene '90, he wanted Alan to take it over , but the Bike Friday company got started instead..

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