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rtool 02-02-14 07:21 PM

Got New Trike ICE Sprint FSX
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Received my 2014 ICE Sprint FSX a few days ago and the weather finally got nice enough I could take it our for a 9 mile spin today. After a few minor adjustments it felt really good. Nice smooth ride with the full suspension.

melman222 02-03-14 04:45 AM

Richard, Your new trike looks awesome. Can't wait to see on the trails.

osco53 02-03-14 04:21 PM

Way Cool !

Juan Foote 02-03-14 07:32 PM

I am excited to hear how this rides for you on more extended rides. I would have concern about "sway/lean" given front(?) suspension (you said full). Although I would imagine that your back LOVES you for it. It gets a bit brutal on a rough stretch of road on the CT.

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