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Aushiker 02-05-14 07:38 AM

Speed Up Bag Anyone?


According to Petkovsek and his business partners, the drag coefficient of the Speed Up Bag is 60 percent lower than that of a standard handlebar bag. Additionally, use of one of the bags is said to lower the rider's own drag by approximately 15 percent, as it channels air away from the concave wind-catching surface of their chest and abdomen. This reportedly results in an average cycling speed increase of 6 percent, or 10 percent more range in the case of an electric bike.

Source: Gizmag

I could see it having possible value to a recumbent rider, well maybe.


rydabent 02-05-14 08:35 AM

It would depend on the style of bent it was put on.

yakmurph 02-05-14 09:48 AM

Mock one up out of cardboard and shipping tape, zip-tie it to your handlebars and try it for your very own self, on your very own bike.
That way, all of your questions will be answered.


Trikin' 02-05-14 12:42 PM

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I use a Windwrap fairing, the benefits are obvious. Less wind resistence while in forward motion and an added benefit as a sail when the wind blows from the rear , also when a large truck passes there is a surge from the wind produced.

JanMM 02-05-14 08:20 PM

The bag seems to be a bit like this fairing but you can put stuff in it.
Saw this at the Hilly Hundred a few years ago.

fietsbob 02-05-14 09:57 PM

Zzipper makes more fairings.. has foe a long time.. I had a Thriller , on my upright bike ..
it fit over either side the front wheel aways too .. front rack behind the fairing

+ a musette bag hung from the struts , dropped my cassette player in it, to listen
to books on tape on the way home..

BlazingPedals 02-06-14 08:54 AM

I can't see that being as effective as any sort of regular fairing. Where would you mount it on any bent? Possibly in front of the pedal circle of a SWB? Besides, the airflow is still hitting the rider in the chest. He would have to put his nose on the bag for it to do much good.

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