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Aushiker 03-12-14 09:20 PM

E-assist for a Bacchetta Giro ATT 20

I am throwing around some ideas on e-bikes and one of the options is trying to re-try my Bacchetta Giro ATT 20 but with e-assist. The alternative is get a diamond frame e-bike off the shelf, e.g., something like a Bergamont E-line CMGN which I can purchase locally for AU$4,500.

The bike will be used as a dedicated commuter, my commute is 84 km round trip with around 300 metres of climbing each way but the big killer is that the ride home is into coastal headwinds which are often around the 50 km/h range. Also the ride to work is often into a strong cross wind so not to many goals kicked most days.

Anyway I am considering a Bafang BBS02 kit based on comments at Endless Sphere but what I would like is any feedback from owners who had done a conversion on a Bacchetta Giro 20 or other SWB bikes. I am aware of the various threads on trikes but I haven't found much on SWB conversions.

One thing that is worrying me or two things are and they are:

(1) Mounting the battery idea. Not keen on the rack approach as I don't want to add more weight to the rear wheel;
(2) Single crank sufficient or can these be run with a triple?

Oh one last thing is I am in Australia where we are legally restricted to 250 w motors but I think I would be okay with a 350 w motor :).

Also if anyone has recommendations on a supplier that would be appreciated.


Wilbur Bud 03-14-14 10:36 AM

I've a friend with an Xtracycle using a hilltopper on the front wheel, easy adaptation and he let me ride it and assist was strong. Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit, Electric Bike Batteries: Not a recumbent, but a heavier bike with battery in rear bags plus a long cable. It's e-assist, you still pedal, not an e-bike.

For battery mounting, I'd propose you find a way to hang it farther forward on the main tube, fore or aft of steering depends on battery form factor. I have an LWB and my 12V battery is just for lighting . . . and . . my main tube came with a couple througholes already installed due to seat adjustment, but probably a couple frame inserts will be small compared to your total cash outlay. In the below image, just above the red wire, you can see where one mounting bolt drops through from the top into the battery enclosure.

Aushiker 03-14-14 06:32 PM


Originally Posted by Wilbur Bud (Post 16577398)

That is one impressive and neat setup you have there! I am impressed indeed.


15rms 03-26-14 07:26 AM

I have a Bionx on a LWB Recumbent and love it. Because of the wind you may have to recharge at work. Not a problem because the charger is built into the battery and all you would need to carry is the cord. On this bike the battery seems like a challenge to put it anywhere but the rear rack.

Aushiker 03-30-14 01:44 AM

Well I still haven't made a final decision on the conversion of my Bacchetta Giro 20 ATT recumbent to an electric assist recumbent. Well that was the plan till a spot thinking on the chair in the shed this afternoon and I may go with a conversion of my LoGo P-38. If I decide later I can easily switch over the kit to the Giro and spend the extra dollars to add a steel front fork and a Recuve seat if desired.

I have picked up on rscamp's suggestions at BentRider and have gone a step further based on Paul at EM3EV advice and will probably get a 48V (50V) 14.25 battery.

Anyway the latest proposed conversion is as follows ... just need to make the final decision on the actual kit. I really need to pull the trigger on this :)

  • MAC 350W 14T Front Kit OR a MAC 500W 10T with a 9 fet controller
  • EMV3V 50V 14.35 Ah Samsung Battery Pack
  • Thumb throttle
  • Pedal Assist Sensor that works with V3 Cycle Analysis speed sensor
  • TorqArm_V2 GRIN Front Torque Arm x 2
  • CAS-DPS V3 V3 Direct Plug-In Cycle Analyst with speedometer and accessory cables
  • HWBS Hidden Wire Brake Sensor x 2
  • Grin Tech 6V 12 Watt Output Rugged DC-DC Converter, for 24V- 48V Batteries

Battery mounting is probably via a battery bag hanging off the left "pannier rack" on the LoGo P-38 or if I go with the Bacchetta via a rear rack.

Would value any input into this build. Paul at EM3EV seems to favour the MAC 500W kit over the MAC 350W kit and does point out I can step it back with the Cycle Analyst if I so desire. I guess it gives me more flexibility if I find I need it dealing with the headwinds.


Aushiker 04-08-14 07:08 AM

After lots and lots of research and soul searching the process of converting the bike over to e-assist has started with the ordering of various parts etc. I thought it would be more appropriate to document this in the e-bikes sub-forum so have started a new thread over there. for those interested.


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