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Jean Beetham Smith 11-05-00 10:46 AM

I'm pretty short, 4'11", 27" inseam. Because of neck problems I'm starting to think of a recumbent. BikeE is about the only thing I can afford. Any riders my size care to comment on how they fit?

Gary Mc 02-10-01 10:30 PM

Short People
While searching for a recumbent, I became a big fan of the Recumbent Cyclist News (RCN) .
There 2000 Season Preview issue had an article "How to Buy a Recumbent". The article said that Bike E's were good for short-average riders. I am a short rider (27" inseam) I have never ridden a Bike E. One of the RCN recommendations for short riders was Rans bikes.
I bought a Stratus. I also test rode both the Tailwind and the Wave. Both of them were very comfortable. You might look in their direction. Easy Racer also has a highly rated entry bike that has a low seat height, the EZ-1. Test riding is still the best answer, though not always possible.

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bicykling 03-02-01 02:22 PM

Hi. I have a BikeE AT which my 4' 9" daughter tried and didn't like because she had to move the seat so far forward that it felt to her like she had a trailer behind her. In other words she was too close to the front wheel. Good Luck, Keith

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