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dayvan cowboy 09-29-09 05:30 PM

I am there. I talked to a friend from cincy who said he'll do it if i do and i'm willing to bet i could bring a few athens dudes up there.

dayvan cowboy 10-11-09 03:22 PM

Legend of Zelda Alleycat, Dayton Ohio Oct. 17th

kidprim 10-14-09 11:34 PM

Chicago Halloween

jayz 10-28-09 10:23 AM

Halloween Providence 13 Monsters Alley Cat Race

Oct. 31st. @ 1 Sharp.


allidoispedal 11-12-09 11:50 AM

HILL HURT! ny/nj Nov. 15th (sunday)
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i guess this is considered a backyard race. come out and bring a friend. great prizes unlike most sanctioned road races. Here is the course:

Hawk Wheels 07-13-10 07:57 PM

death2milk 08-11-10 11:15 AM

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August 28th, 2010 / Czar parking lot - 1430 East 7th Ave, Ybor City Florida

Afterparty: The Bricks 1327 E. 7th Ave. Ybor
Registration will begin at 3pm, race at 4pm… afterparty will begin at 8pm with the goldsprints champ race starting right after. Grudge matches and guzzle n' go will go on through the evening. Prizes will be given for both the afterparty and goldsprints.

Registration is $5.... includes entrance to the race, goldsprints, and other extras

Sponsors right now include: 66fixed, Burro Bags, Gulfside T-shirts, knog, Hands on Bicycle, Spoke Punchers, City Cycles & Supply, Give and Take, City Bike, Cinelli, Suburban Riot clothing, Dark Cycle clothing, Night Owl Printing, The Bricks and PBR!

Check for further updates and info!

earthe5ive 09-24-10 04:18 PM

SUNDAY the 26th! Washington, DC! All girl alley cat! 2:30 pm!

yummygooey 10-29-10 02:16 PM

curbtender 11-19-10 08:33 PM

Scrodzilla 11-19-10 09:19 PM

^ fb link fail.

ismai1 02-15-11 03:58 PM

I'm trying to set up some races in Orlando area. I've never done this, should I call up shops and drop by with flyers asking them if they would give em out? I think it would be super fun.

popluhv 07-18-11 10:38 PM

BmoreDrew 07-28-11 11:00 PM

2 days!!

Come race and meet the Red Bull Girls!

spingranny 08-07-11 07:30 PM

One Speed Open
Fort Collins, Colorado

Good takes effort!

thecezar 09-03-11 03:11 PM

Any events in San Diego?

seau grateau 10-08-11 11:30 PM

Philadelphia Ghouly Cat!! October 22 @ 7:00PM

Sick prizes for first overall, first female, and top finishers. Sweet prizes from RE-Load, Bicycle Revolutions, and PBR. $5 gets you entry to the race, spoke card, t-shirt, and drinks at the afterparty at 1719 N 5th ST featuring local DJs and TONS of beer. Come out and get ghouly! Don't be scared but be prepared...

trackjunkie 05-25-12 03:27 AM

we've got one in sacramento 5/27 5pm @ pedal hard

CAprideAtUreHom 07-07-12 01:18 AM

any races in the south bay?

McChinken 07-07-12 10:40 PM


Originally Posted by CAprideAtUreHom (Post 14450054)
any races in the south bay?

sjf is hosting one on the 15th

Spoonrobot 07-08-12 09:26 PM

Anyone at or between Atlanta and Jacksonville that wants to hitch a ride with me, let me know.

bnut43 08-07-12 08:51 PM

PDLHRD Criterium
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CAprideAtUreHom 08-29-12 05:35 PM

Anything in Boston? anyone know where I can find out about races in Boston?

variatingcash 04-19-13 04:59 PM

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A literary alleycat in Washington, DC. $5, benefiting 826DC, a reading/writing education non-profit for kids.

More info:

thedapperest 08-29-14 08:15 PM

Is there anything happening in Chicago anytime soon? Or does anyone know when I can find out about that stuff? Chicago fixed gear forum is completely dead.

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