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bostontrevor 09-06-05 08:36 PM

I couldn't possibly know what you're talking about.

mr.o 09-06-05 09:12 PM

I will be heading down for this race. There will actually be another race the sunday the 11th. Mike Dailey's race. That should be good drunken times.

thesweaterkid 09-07-05 10:33 AM

i'll be at both philly races

pitboss 09-07-05 10:54 AM

lasertotheface 09-07-05 01:39 PM

whats the details on Mike Dailey's race?

mr.o 09-07-05 05:26 PM

Dailey's race is sunday september 11th. Registration is at 2pm at rittenhouse sq.(corner of 18th & walnut) I think it is $5 to enter.

skelly 09-07-05 09:52 PM

If my fedex delivers my frame by the weekend I'll be at both Philly races. I never done one of these races before, a belly full of beer seems like a good way to start...

DancesInTraffic 09-14-05 11:18 AM

Friday the 16th - Boston (Somerville Actually)

Need something to do? Rushin' Revolution has announced a midnight crit.

Here is what they sent me.

Meet at Pa's Lounge at midnight to register.
15 laps.
cash and surprizes for top woman and man.
presented by your friendly neighborhood velorutionaries...

That's Pa's Lounge at 345 Somerville Ave in Somerville I think.

spud 09-14-05 06:55 PM


Incredble to think that almost six months have passed since our first
alleycat ever!!!

And now it is time for round TWO!

The "I see dead people!!!" alleycat will consist of 30 checkpoints all
around our lovely city. Top points accumulated wins!

And this time the proceeds are going to benefit our courier brethen in

Prizes are piling up and so far we have CRUMPLER, KRYPTONITE, SPOT
ROAD I.D. as our sponsors.

Once again calling out NYC, Philly, B.more and even Boston! Last time
RVA was off the hook. We beg you to all come out and play!

This time the finish line is downtown and not in Montgomery Co. If you
a place to crash, we'll find one for you!

And as always, there will be free beer for all racers!!!

Racing for Victory and free beer!!!

Demon Cats
Courier Racing Collective
"We own the street!"
10 bucks registration starts at 5:30, race at 6 @ Dupont Circle on October 15th

chimblysweep 09-16-05 03:02 PM

coming up faster in dc... Bruce is throwing a race to benefit Kim, who broke her ankle. It's on the 24th, and I'm still gathering the details (I think he's still planning them, actually.)

and hey, you philly and nyc kids, i can house a few folks in my place if need be...

chimblysweep 09-17-05 10:02 AM

here's the info:

Also announcing a benefit for Kim Reynolds who graciously broke her collarbone and ankle. The "Hustler" race (a Big Bruce Beran Production) will salaciously titillate your naughty bits both on the bike and off! Remember the "Perverts Invitational"?

Sept 24th at Logan Circle at 4 p.m. For more info- Nextel 164*443*36 or [email protected]

You know how Bruce kicks ass as a racer? His races are kick ass beautiful.

red house 09-18-05 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by spud
10 bucks registration starts at 5:30, race at 6 @ Dupont Circle on October 15th

sweet..I'll likely be in the D.C./Northern Va. on that date :)

"We're not dead...We're just Rest-on" -yeah :D

Devolution 09-20-05 12:45 PM

Spirits of the Streets Alleycat

Combined race and scavenger hunt.


October 29th

4pm – Meet at Carnegie Library Dinosaur, Oakland.

$5 – Costumes Required.

After party at Duke’s featuring music by Aydin.

Cash prizes!

Volunteers Needed!

Info: [email protected]

travsi 09-23-05 06:48 AM

@ station-park (görlitzerstr. 1-2)

sunday, oct. 30
gold sprint qualifications

monday, oct.31

IchbinJay 09-29-05 04:33 PM

Boston people: How does the Rushin' Revolution fair with out of towners? I know I'll probably get my ass kicked, but I'd really like to come by. I live out in the sticks and would like to do some racing. Someone let me know.

spud 10-03-05 07:07 AM


Originally Posted by red house
sweet..I'll likely be in the D.C./Northern Va. on that date :)

"We're not dead...We're just Rest-on" -yeah :D

cool, hope you can race. haha yeah.

spud 10-04-05 08:54 AM

TIME CHANGES! no not talking about daylight savings time either.


Originally Posted by
To all you have may have seen the flyers, the "I see dead people!!!"
alleycat is still being run on Saturday, October 15th.

However, the time has been moved up. Upon riding the course in planned
hours, it became apparent that the lack of light was going to play
havoc on
the racers gathering answers to manifest questions.

Registration time has been moved up to 3:00 p.m.


4:00 PM!!!

Any questions? 301.592.7073

Racing for Victory and free beer!!!

Demon Cats
Courier Racing Collective
"We own the street!"

chimblysweep 10-04-05 08:58 AM

note about John's race:
he makes *long* races. long manifests. hilly, spread out. this reconfirms it.

the "mad mad mad mad world" race had an 8-page manifest with like 100 checkpoints (all optional) and finished outside the beltway in Kensington MD. We estimated the mileage as 35 or so.

bostontrevor 10-04-05 10:08 AM

RR has been fronting the midnight crits. There's nothing to know about a crit other than always turn left or always turn right.

Boe 10-04-05 10:37 AM

Sprint for money!
Stockholm / Sweden

HereNT 10-04-05 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by Pabst Beer Email
Hello Friends-
Rumor is true, there is another NE Bike Bar Tour scheduled for this SUNDAY October 9th [timeline listed below]

Rumor is also true that I can't consume more then a tall boy on the tour w/o falling off of said bicycle.

Sunday/ OCtober 9th---> Mad Pabst specials per your Pabst-grrrl

meet @ Stella Salon for teeShirts..

6p-Stasius Bar

6:45p-Psycho Suzies

7:30p-Sample Room

8pm-Dusty's Bar

8:30p-Lara's 1029 Bar

9:15p-NE Yacht Club

9:45p-Elsies Bar

10:15p-331 Club

11p-Mayslacks Bar

11:30p-Knight Cap

midnight-Jimmy's Bar

12:30p-22nd Ave Station

1am-Grumpy's NE

Be there/ pass it on!
xoxoxox pabst-t

I'm so there.

highpants 10-04-05 05:03 PM

i probably can't make that but i wonder if there are any mpls alleycats scheduled for the next month or so, you know, before the snow flies? i've never raced in one (i'm pretty much the only fixed rider i know), but am a big fan of both beer and bikes...

TrizzoStizzo 10-04-05 11:25 PM

So the checkpoints are out for the Halloweekend Race on Saturday the 29th: La Calavera.
FDR Park (21st & East River)
Calvary Cemetery (Laurel Hill & 56th rd, Maspeth Queens)
DeWitt Clinton Park (52nd st & 11th ave)
St. Michael's Russian Byzantine Church (Jersey st & Mulberry st)
Sutton Place Park (58th st & Suttop pl)
Small Pox Infirmary (South Point Park Roosevelt Island)
First Shearith Israel Cemetery (55 St James st)
The Spot Park (11th ave btw 35th /36th)
Black Label Bike Kill (Willoughby & Sandford Brooklyn)
Farragut Houses Project (Gold st & Sands st, Brooklyn)
The Dakota (1 w 72nd st)
Second Shearith Israel Cemetery (76 w 11th st)
This is going to be a brutal race. Not for the faint of heart. We got some tricks up or sleaves to scare the treats outta ya'll.
So get prepared. Especially if your coming from outta town.
The website will have the most uptodate info. You can hit me up with any questions or a place to stay or whatever.
-Thanks for taking the time to read this.

shants 10-05-05 06:27 AM

mother****in' BLOOD BOWL - columbus, oh - oct. 22 2005 - 8pm night race
total ridiculousness, costumes, almost certainly booze.
special prize for best decorated bike
bring lights, $7, and a bag (you will have to carry things)

i'm not the one throwing it, but if you have any questions, message me and i'll see what i can find out. i may be able to dig up some floor/couch space for a couple of out-of-towners.

then, of course, the following weekend is the pittsburgh SPIRIT OF THE STREETS halloween race. you better go to that as well. i believe that it's been posted on this thread already. kill ****.

Track Plague 10-05-05 05:00 PM


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