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ThunderThighs 02-07-07 02:20 AM

Peninsula Rally II - SF to SAN JOSE!
Come ride in the Peninsula Rally II on Saturday, March 3rd, 2007! This is a fun ride and race to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show which will be held in San Jose. The Rally starts at 10am in Dolores Park, located at 18th Street and Dolores. Last year we had a great turnout of 75 people for the first Rally. We've already got a bunch of great sponsors donating prizes, including a few microbreweries who will be providing free beer for riders. While fantastic prizes will be awarded to the fastest riders, we're working on getting enough so that each participant rides away with something cool. We may even have a rolling refreshment stand - free of charge for riders! Come on out, ride with your friends, and check out an amazing array of handmade bicycles and talk to the builders. Definitely big fun for everybody! If you want to check out a sample route beforehand, we like this route:; but you can always make your own. The $10 entry fee includes admission to the show that Saturday. If you are interested in donating prizes or have questions, send them to

Judah 02-07-07 10:27 AM

Big fun!

If it works out, I will be riding a tandem with a trailer full of beer for anyone who needs refreshment. Just FYI.

Judah 02-21-07 01:21 AM

Slonie 02-21-07 02:55 AM

This certainly sounds like fun! I've been wanting to ride from SJ to the City for the first time, I guess this'll be it (in reverse, albiet).

harryhood 02-21-07 01:48 PM

looks sweet, i'll be there!

TheRobbStory 02-21-07 02:55 PM

Holy crap, that looks AWESOME.

ahpook 02-26-07 12:08 AM

Wow, there's much less discussion this year...I'll be up on the 8AM caltrain.

TheRobbStory 02-26-07 03:35 PM

I found a ticket for about $300 leaving on the 1st. I've got a place to stay, and I'm pretty sure I can find a bike to borrow once I'm there.

Just so I'm clear, it is okay to take a bike on CalTrain back to SF?

ahpook 02-26-07 08:35 PM

yep they have a bike car w/ tiedowns.

Slonie 02-28-07 04:44 AM

Well, I'm still planning on going (and starting from the Souf Bay also)...Since I've never ridden that far before I'll be satisfied just to finish...But is there anything I should know as a first-timer?

ThunderThighs, do you have a turn list for that sample route? I don't feel up to making up my own, though if time was no object it'd sure be fun to take Skyline... :)

ahpook 02-28-07 09:53 AM

Check my vox blog for "lessons learned", Slonie. Short version: Eat food, drink water, be able to fix your own flats.

Here's some turn-by-turn and a zoomed in map-per-page PDF from last year:

Judah 02-28-07 03:41 PM

maps will be provided at the start.

beer will be provided at the finish.

The rest is up to you.

Hope to see you out there!

Slonie 03-01-07 01:55 AM

Originally Posted by Judah
maps will be provided at the start.

beer will be provided at the finish.

The rest is up to you.

Hope to see you out there!

Thanks, those were probably the finest instructions I've ever gotten, for anything. :D

Also, ahpook, thanks for the link to last year's discussion. I got the PDF and the turn-list from one of the posts...Hooray!

breadbox 03-02-07 03:22 PM

There's tons of discussion on this just not on this forum. This will be hit of the year. If you rode & went last year you already know. If not, travel to be there. Worth a plane ticket and a weekend.

Slonie 03-03-07 10:38 PM

Dude, that was freakin' awesome. I met a lot of cool people, and had a lot of fun! Can't wait till next year, maybe I'll even do it on one gear that time

Judah 03-04-07 02:16 AM

167 people registered.
120 finished by 4-ish.

I will make a list when I'm not tired. Good times
Congrats to James, 2hours and 15 minute, 55 miles, track bike!
Congrats to everyone.

Rapha jacket, purple phil wood hubset, two custom bags, custom stem, Velocity deep V rims=wheelbuild from freewheel, two cash-rolls of $300, two of $100, and one of $50, tons of tshirts, hats, etc.

Sorry the beer trailer broke before the start. Glad all the beer in it disappeared within 30 minutes. I had a good time kickin back and riding with different groups, stopping for people, talking. Wish the group with dude from idaho with the blue Rossin track bike woulda finished. Glad I brought tools and was able to help a few people along the way.

Forgot to say anything about it at the prize ceremony, but $500 of the entry was donated to the Childhood Diabetes Research Foundation, which was the charity attached to the show.

Thanks for coming out everyone. Hope you all enjoyed the bikeshow and the ride down there, hope someone took pictures...

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