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jeh 12-12-05 08:52 PM

32.4mm seatpost...

for .... a soft spot in my heart? :)


Everest 12-12-05 09:32 PM

I have an lightly used 2004 shimano 105 triple build kit.

I would like to trade for a Double kit 105 or better (I can throw some more stuff in to even it out if its a better group).

Send a pm if interested

Coyote2 12-13-05 12:48 PM

I have the following looking for a good home:
--Ultegra triple crankset (175mm) + BB, about 3000 miles of use, fine shape.
--Tiagra triple crankset (175mm) + BB, about 2700 miles of use, fine shape.
--105 RD long cage, kind of beat up but works fine.
--Tiagra FD for triple, good shape.

What could I use? Um, a good 27.2 seatpost, nice light 700c clinchers, some 9-speed Shimano brifters, and some decent bike repair tools. I'll consider anything, really.

derailer 12-13-05 02:32 PM

I forgot to add that I have a Thompson Elite 27.2 240 mm. I need a setback post of equal quality.

cycle17 12-13-05 02:34 PM

I have: Bontrager Race Lite Aluminum Handlebars 42cm width, 31.8cm clamp size, 230grams (anatomical) in good condition. Would like to trade for a Cateye wired or wireless cycle computer in good condition to use on my spare road bike. PM me

acathi_cyclist 12-13-05 09:29 PM

I have a 2005 Felt F70 (63cm). I'd be willing to trade the frame by itself or the whole thing.

I am looking for anything road related. Wheels, cranks, derailures, shifters, but mostly just wheels and cranks. I'm building up a TCR aluminum frame and I need just about everything.

Don't be afraid to tell me what you got, I am open to anything.....

mnppunky 12-14-05 07:24 PM

I have a new set of cyclocross wheels. Vuelta Airline 1 36 hole hubs with velox rim strips. I bought them to use as winter training wheels , but would not work on my road racer ! I am wanting an Ultegra 9 speed triple crankset that is splined and in nice shape or some Mavic open pro wheels!

ronbridal 12-14-05 11:31 PM

I am changing what I need. I still have a new pair of Ultegra brake calipers and am in need of a Shimano Dura Ace braze-on front derailleur. PM me if interested.

Kolbe1 12-15-05 04:19 AM

Have you seen concondre new

warrenroadie 12-15-05 07:05 AM

I have a Ritchey WCS 130 mm/11/8 inch stem. Will trade for equal value 110 mm stem.
Handle bar size 26.0 mm.
Stem mounted and ridden for 500 miles, just to long.

warrenroadie 12-15-05 07:18 AM

Used Terry Fly Ti seat. Kelvar looking cross stiching on bumper covers worn, but all leather in good condition. Willing to trade for a Flite Ti saddle in good condition.

brokenrobot 12-15-05 12:45 PM

Have: Nitto Technomic forged quill stem, 90mm length, for 1" threaded fork and 25.4mm bar (though I've used other 25.4mm stems with bars that were ostensibly 26.0mm - YMMV). Stem is used in good condition, with staining below the min insertion mark.

Need: 90mm stem for oversized 31.8mm bars and 1" threadless steerer.

timmhaan 12-15-05 12:55 PM

i have egg beater pedals (no cleats...sorry)

would like: booties (must be size 46 or able to fit over mtn bike shoe)
heavy winter riding jacket in good shape.
2005 tdf DVD

55/Rad 12-16-05 10:57 PM

New in box FSA K-Force MegaExo crank. 53/39 in 172.5.

Carbon bars and stem.

Adjustments made depending on model and condition.

Trev Doyle 12-17-05 06:27 AM


Originally Posted by 55/Rad
New in box FSA K-Force MegaExo crank. 53/39 in 175.
Slightly used mint condition '05 Zero G brakes.

Carbon '05 Campy Record crank - 53/39 x 175 - can be used but in mint condition.
New Campy Record alloy crank.
New Campy Record brake calipers.

Adjustments and negotiating very possible.


See, I keep telling everybody the Zero Grav's aren't as good as Dura Ace, So I 'll bet they're also not as good as Records!!

Hipcycler 12-17-05 09:01 AM

Titanium hip parts.

A Pinerallo

Oh wait, never mind...I need to hang onto that hip stuff.

55/Rad 12-17-05 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by Trev Doyle
See, I keep telling everybody the Zero Grav's aren't as good as Dura Ace, So I 'll bet they're also not as good as Records!!

What are you, 6? Your opinion here in this thread is neither appreciated nor warranted.

cslone 12-17-05 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by DXchulo
Ok, more stuff:

6. Shimano Ultegra shifters. These also came from the 9 spd double bike with 2,500 miles. They have a good deal of scratching, but they work perfectly.

7. Shimano Ultegra cassette. This came from the same bike above. It's a 23-12.

8. Deda Prima 220 bars with anatomical bend. I'm not sure what size they are, either a 40 or 42. I measured them from edge to edge and got 16 inches.

9. Deda Murex stem.

10. Profile Design Carbon Stryke aero bars. These have some stratches on them as well.

Sent you a PM about the aerobars DX.

MWW 12-17-05 11:41 AM

Have - 2005 Bianchi Pista track bike, with optional bullhorns and front brake 57cm

Want - will consider 175 mm Octalink Ultegra or D/A 53/39 Crank in addition to 175mm, octalink (compatible) Compact Crank 34/50 or 36/50 (that means two cranks) for the track bike. That's one hell of deal in my opinion, if you have the stuff.

I would consider the Zero Gravity brakes, if anyone can make a 3 party transaction with 55/rad.

Hipcycler 12-17-05 04:08 PM

A threesome with Rad?
Oooo....don't tell Mrs. Rad about this one!

ho hum 12-18-05 10:33 PM

I have to trade:

1. Fetish Cycle 61 cm frame S.A.C model. New
2. Felt Carbon Fiber fork 1 1/8 inch uncut. New, has a small chip on the dropout.
3. Cane Creek IS-2 threadless headset 1 1/8 inch. New
4. Shimano Dura Ace 9 speed brifters. Used, in good shape.
5. Shimano 105 caliper brakes. Used, in good shape.
6. Weyless 110mm stem for large 31.8 handlebar.
7. Road drop handlebars 44cm. Used, tape stuck to bars but no blemishes and will be recovered with tape.

I want to trade for:

1. Bar end shifters (9 speed)
2. Moushtache handlebars.
3. Road brake levers.
4. Long model caliper brakes.
5. A 27.2 seatpost
6. SPD style road pedals

PM me if interested.

Talewinds 12-18-05 11:15 PM

I have a lightly used Reynolds Ouzo Comp fork, 1-1/8" with 29.5cm of steerer.
I need a carbon fork, 1" with lots of steerer left on it.

pinky 12-19-05 08:57 PM

Have: Dura Ace 12-25 10 speed cassette new (came on new bike)
Need: Dura Ace 11-23 10 speed cassette new

Please PM.

shokhead 12-21-05 11:40 AM

03 Fuji Marseille Steel Ultegra with DA on RD and Richey Crankset and Elites with conti 4 seasons 7500 miles 58cm. Want to trade for something?

14max 12-21-05 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by MICHAELM
This is a cool thread; but, I am not so sure it will work for me. Here goes:

Last year, I bought a used 2001 Waterford 59cm. Love the ride; but, the frameset is simply too large for me. I later bought another Waterford 56cm frame and took the DA parts off my Cannondale. I recently won a Colnago on ebay. Having it repainted. I am like the previous poster, I have not quite figured out how to post pictures and yes, I do have a digital camera.

Anyway, the 59cm Waterford has a mix of DA and Ultegra, Velocity Spartacus wheelset, 9 speed cassette, and custom

Michael - the Waterford sounds cool. What would you trade for?

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