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Guest 12-10-05 04:46 PM

The For Trade Thread
We've got a couple of trade threads going successfully around the forums, so I'm starting one here too. This is the thread where you can offer up things for trade. You've got an item you don't need and you need something else? Trade it here. You need something and someone else has it? Trade it for something you've got here.

A few rules-

NO mention of money. This is a TRADE thread only. Any mention of money will get deleted.

NO advertising. This is not for store owners or people who own some type of store and want to get their stuff out there. Any advertising will be deleted.

ALL trades need to be done via PM. Any conflicts do not involve bikeforums or its agents. Trader beware!

ONLY bike related items are to be traded here. Anything else offered up for trade by either party will be deleted.

There will probably be other guidelines we'll add on. Check back with this first post for any updates. If we see repeated violations, we'll just close out the thread if it gets out of control.

Trade on!

Koffee Brown

Forum Moderator

56/12 and 22/28 12-10-05 04:49 PM

Anybody want to trade a 2005 Colnago C50 HP 58 cm frame for a 56 cm frame?

I'll give you the frame, fork and headset.

Matt pro 12-10-05 06:09 PM

Where do you get the cool pics?
Matt pro

hmai18 12-10-05 07:08 PM

For trade: located in Canada
42cm C-C FSA RD300 handlebars (ergo curve)
90mm Pazzaz 31.8mm stem +/- 6 degrees
2 x Elite Ciussi bottle cages (blue)
Sigma BC1600 computer with cadence kit

Looking for:
Stem mount or centre mount that goes in front of the bars for Cateye Astrale 8
Polar infrared interface (serial).

Guest 12-10-05 07:16 PM

Ok, I guess I should be more clear.

Say you have something to trade. You would say:

I have a Cygolite 12W light with charger. I need a 700c knobby tire.

or, like another poster did. This is a good way of framing your trade:


Originally Posted by 56/12 and 22/28
Anybody want to trade a 2005 Colnago C50 HP 58 cm frame for a 56 cm frame?

It's new.

This is the format that should be used. You're trading something because you need something. If you just list out everything you've got, how will people know what to trade that will interest you into giving up your goods?

Ok, that's the format. If you're unsure, PM me.


56/12 and 22/28 12-10-05 11:04 PM


I'm the trade master...

Thanks Koffee.

Motophoto 12-11-05 07:58 AM

I have two Matrix 32 spoke hole rims for tubular tires that are like new, they are dark gray -- I would like to trade for a Araya Aero One rim for tubular tire(32 spoke hole)dark gray.

DXchulo 12-11-05 09:15 AM

EDIT: Everything's going on eBay.

DXchulo 12-11-05 09:31 AM


Guest 12-11-05 09:32 AM

DX... trade for what?


recneps345 12-11-05 01:59 PM

I have a hardly ridden woman's 18" 2004 Trek 6700 mountain bike that has sat in my garage for 14 months that I would trade for a man's mountain bike of similar quality.

Trev Doyle 12-11-05 06:25 PM

For trade: Located in Canada

Eddy Merckx lugged steel frame and fork. 52 cm top tube ctc.1" threaded fork, with Eddy Merckx stamped into the fork crown. Has a nearly brand new Dura Ace headset, and a used but good condition 2003 D.A. crankset with D.A. B.B. Frame is kind of a candy apple metallic red with chrome fork. Stickers in good shape, some minor chips and wear marks. No rust or dents. Rides really nicely but is 2cm to small for me. Was going to sell on Ebay but will try here first. This frame has the original eddy mercks logo, that you rarely see anywhere.

I am looking to start to switch my current ride from D.A. 9sp to Record 10sp. So ideally I would like to trade for parts towards that end. But I might consider anything really. Please, I am not very computer literate and e mailing pics on this new computer is not easy for me, so request pics only if you are tres interested. thanks.

MICHAELM 12-11-05 06:51 PM

This is a cool thread; but, I am not so sure it will work for me. Here goes:

Last year, I bought a used 2001 Waterford 59cm. Love the ride; but, the frameset is simply too large for me. I later bought another Waterford 56cm frame and took the DA parts off my Cannondale. I recently won a Colnago on ebay. Having it repainted. I am like the previous poster, I have not quite figured out how to post pictures and yes, I do have a digital camera.

Anyway, the 59cm Waterford has a mix of DA and Ultegra, Velocity Spartacus wheelset, 9 speed cassette, and custom

hjbiker43 12-11-05 07:59 PM

Sella Italia SLK Gelflow saddle, used for 2 years for a Sella Max Flight Gelflow saddle.

derailer 12-11-05 09:20 PM

I have brand new:

Truvativ Rouleur carbon triple in 175

Campy Centaur long-cage RD (silver)

Campy Centaur FD for a triple (silver)

I am looking for a nice carbon setback seatpost (27.2) and carbon handlebars. I will also consider a trade for a stem.

Guest 12-11-05 09:37 PM

People, people, people....

Check the ss/fixie forum under the Anyone wanna trade___? They have a formula, and it works very well- put what you have, state what you would like to trade for, or what you're looking for, or what you want for what you've got. Otherwise, people may think that what you've got does not match what they have. You could miss out on a good trade.

Try it again... most of you guys have it right, but there are some people in here just listing what they have... I would have no idea what you're looking for, and I wouldn't know if what I have is sufficient for what you listed.

Good luck!


ronbridal 12-11-05 10:55 PM

I have new Ultegra brake calipers and need a front derailleur with a 34.9 clamp for my cross bike. Preferably Shimano XTR or similar. PM me if interested.

SeqTarRou 12-12-05 12:19 AM

I have a 05 Specialized S-WORKS CARBON ROAD STEM from my 56cm 05 Tarmac Pro, I believe it is 110mm (will verify that Monday).

I would like to trade it for the same stem in a 100mm size.

Matthew A Brown 12-12-05 11:58 AM

I have:

- Ultegra 175 triple crank, couple years old, splined. They've done around 6000 miles; about 2000 of those touring. Fairly scratched up but still have lots of life in 'em. The big ring is practically untouched, the middle has taken most of the miles commuting/touring, the small 30 tooth guy is in good condition (since I used a smaller 24 tooth one for the tour). I'd almost rather trade without the rings-- call me sentimental.

- Ultegra triple derailleur.

(Small ring is missing from pic owing to wrong BB size, hence the WTT...)

Looking for:

- Ultegra 165-167.5 double. Won't need the derailleur.


- Similar quality 165-167.5 double crank + BB. (The BB I have now is Dura-Ace, but again, for a double.)

Guest 12-12-05 12:21 PM

I have: Nashbar knobby tires (2): 700cx32. One is brand new, and the other one was only used today.

I need: decent bike computer (wireless). Can be cheap, but I need mph, kph, time, trip distance, total distance, and cadence.


MWW 12-12-05 02:13 PM

Have Bianchi Pista 05 track bike with Profile bullhorns and front brake - size 57cm

Want TT frame and fork Cannodale or Cervelo 56 cm.

MWW 12-12-05 02:21 PM

Did I do that right Koffee?

timmhaan 12-12-05 04:17 PM

have 1996 concondre (steel frame made by ciocc) racing road bike in 58cm. it has a mix of dura ace and ultrega. mavic open pro wheels. complete bike is good condition worth about $800 as is.

would trade for mtn bike, sized for a 5' 11" person at about the same value and condition.

Guest 12-12-05 04:38 PM


Originally Posted by MWW
Did I do that right Koffee?

Works perfectly. We know what you want. We know what you have. Two thumbs up! :D


2Rodies 12-12-05 05:06 PM

I've got a like new pair of DTM R2 Cycling shoes size 43.5 (see link for pick) that I would like to trade (I will sweeten the pot to make up for the difference in value) for the one of the following items.

What I need:

Easton EC90 Zero seat post 27.2 or an USE Alien Seat Post 27.2
'04 or later Record front derailuer 32mm clamp on.

[[[Moderator edit- please... no mention of CASH. This is a trade ONLY thread. Thanks! K.B.]]]

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