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mooder 06-02-15 01:42 PM

Bike going right when not holding the handlebars.

The bike I have (old bike fixed gear) is turning on right when I don't hold the handlebars. I can feel the handlebar pushing my right hand when riding. There is some how a couple along the fork... I wonder what is causing this. Misaligned steel fork?

rms13 06-02-15 01:47 PM

fork could be bent from crash or something

RogueRadio 06-02-15 01:59 PM

No you may have a bent fork, or a bent or misaligned front wheel. Take it to a shop and have them put it up on a wheel-true.

bt 06-02-15 02:08 PM

the bike is conservative?

seymour1910 06-02-15 02:10 PM

Originally Posted by bt (Post 17859697)
the bike is conservative?


99Klein 06-02-15 02:21 PM

May be a problem with your core or balance as well.

bt 06-02-15 03:32 PM

Rumor from inside the Beltway is John Kerry's bike pulled to the left and caused his crash.

MikeyBoyAz 06-02-15 04:53 PM

Could also be the bearing in the headset. my friends old c-dale started pulling and when we put it on the stand we felt it sticking when it was just off center and realized either the races were grooved or the BBs were ovalized. Once replaced, it didn't do it anymore.

popeye 06-03-15 09:06 AM

Check the alignment of the rear triangle.

spdracr39 06-03-15 09:08 AM

Bent frame, bent fork, or wheel/s not centered in the dropouts.

bleui 06-03-15 07:37 PM

+1 on wheels not centered in the dropouts, front and rear

mooder 06-04-15 08:36 PM

When I put the front wheel on the fork, I have to enlarge the distance between the arms to fit the wheel. I changed the front wheel and same issue.

Wolf Dust 06-04-15 08:58 PM

Originally Posted by spdracr39 (Post 17862007)
Bent frame, bent fork, or wheel/s not centered in the dropouts.

Agreed...Take the bike to a bike shop and ask them to check the frame and fork alignment. Be willing to pay something for it to be done. It's worth it.

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