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therh 01-30-16 11:48 AM

Speedplay Zeros (walkable cleats) Vs 105 (5800 series) pedals
Hello all,

I am ready to upgrade my 105 (5700 series) pedals (looking "warn" and are "heavy") and wondering what to upgrade to after three years.

The 5800's are lighter and have better bearings. Con, they are still one sided.

I have always been interested in the Speedplay Zero's but was hesitant due to the expensive cleats.

Now, I have seen there is an option with the "Areo Cleats" that would allow protection of the cleat and help with walking.

Primarily I ride on smooth to slightly rough roads. I was wondering what opinions are on the two or three options, depending on how you look at it are? Should I go with 5800? Regular Zeros? Zeros with Areo Cleats?

All thoughts an opinions welcome.


Chandne 01-30-16 11:59 AM

I'd go with Zeros. I just picked up two sets, after much thought and research. The two side entry is what I prefer. I'm going to get the coffee shop covers first but eventually the walkable cleats. I say get the Zeros with walkable cleats.

therh 01-30-16 12:16 PM

Going from the standard Zeros (Chromoly) to the walkable cleats is roughly a $15 difference, I don't think the cost is big difference.

How hard is it to clip into the Speedplay's?

therh 01-30-16 01:19 PM

Has anyone tries Keep On Kovers?Robot Check

Chandne 01-30-16 04:02 PM

I'm not sure yet since I have only been riding my Fat Bike and the Cyclocross bike (bad weather bike). I still need to switch out the spindles. I was going to take out one of the road bikes but an impending snowstorm may just keep them home for a while.

therh 01-30-16 04:14 PM

Have you ridden Look/Shimano SPD-SL pedals?

Chandne 01-30-16 04:50 PM

Nope. I have a couple of friends who do (and the other two use Zeros) and it seems that while they have no issues, the Look guys fumble around trying to get the pedal at the right angle when taking off from a stop. That is probably not a big deal and they definitely have a wider platform. Since I a used to Frogs and two-sided Shimano MTN pedals, I'll probably get along with these a little better.

gsa103 01-30-16 05:01 PM

Shimano pedals are "heavy" but only because the Speedplay cleats are also "heavy", and they aren't usually counted. If you count pedal+cleat, the Shimano 105 (PD-5700) is probably about 30g heavier than a Speedplay Zero Cr/Mo. Unless you're going to get the Ti or Nanogram pedals, you won't realize much savings, you're shifting weight from the bike to your foot. It technically makes the bike lighter if you're into winning "lightest bike" contests.

therh 01-30-16 06:43 PM

Seems like going to the Zeros and the ability to go with the upgraded or rather alternative cleats may be the way I'm going. Any other thoughts or opinions.

jdjones 01-30-16 07:54 PM

I'm looking at the Zeros due to my knees. Anybody go from Shimano to Zeros for that reason? What did you think?

therh 01-30-16 08:48 PM

I find the standard "yellow" cleats have plenty of float. I'm simply curious how these would be compared to the new 105's.

silversx80 01-30-16 10:03 PM

I have the Zeros now, and I used to have Ultegra (SPD-SL), and Looks before that. I don't have a favorite, but I do like the double sided entry of the Zeros.

bigdo13 01-30-16 10:58 PM

I'm a sucker for the 105 stuff.... i'd likely go with those 5800 pedals, then again, I've never liked speedplay's and never had knee pain that I associated with my pedal type...

therh 01-31-16 04:13 AM

I'm with you 13', I've been riding with my 105 for a while, and it's fairly second nature when it comes to use. I think I will go with the 5800's, as they are lighter, something I'm quite familiar with, and never associated with knee pain.

MakiNn 01-31-16 08:57 AM

I changed to Zeros from 105's. I like the double sided entry even though I had no problem with one sided. and I also like that it has a bigger contact point, even though the pedal is smaller in size it has a larger contact point.

Wileyrat 01-31-16 09:41 AM

I have 5700's on my steel road bike, and I have 5800's on my newish CF bike, I'm probably not sophisticated enough in my road riding to be able to feel such small differences, but I can't tell the difference between them. FWIW I'm riding the blue cleats.

If it weren't for wanting to be compatible between the two bikes, I probably would've gone with Speedplay pedals on the new bike.

bruce19 01-31-16 10:15 AM

I have Zeros on both my road bikes and SPDs on my cross bike. I much prefer the Zeros for ease of use.

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