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maltess2 06-18-16 02:34 PM

Kask Mojito vs Vertigo 2.0
Hello, I am going to get one of these 2 helmets, Kask Mojito or Kask Vertigo. I tried the Mojito and fits very well, but I could not find the Vertido in the LBS. Is there any significant differences in fit, ventilation, quality or other? The vertigo has an inner skeleton, that seems to be the only missing feature in the Mojito.

Raiden 06-18-16 04:24 PM

The previous Vertigo and mojito were very similar, but I couldn't swear they were identical. The weight difference was pretty slim, not worth the price difference imo. I havent tried the vertigo 2.0. If nobody else has more intimate knowledge, I'd suggest grabbing the mojito just since you KNOW it fits. Otherwise. Order one up from either an online shop that has a good return policy, or from your lbs and see if they'll allow you to return it if you don't like it (I mean, if they sell kask they SHOULD have at least one Vertigo/vertigo 2 on the floor, at least in a neutral color)

yamsyamsyams 06-18-16 05:25 PM

No significant differences other than that the Mojito is a few grams lighter.

maltess2 06-19-16 03:03 AM

does the Vertigo looks a bit bigger in the head than the Mojito?

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