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TheKillerPenguin 05-14-05 08:06 PM

Here's one that looks like mine, except mine was gray with white dots and had black rims.

I used that bike for years, until I was so big for it that when I'd pop wheelies It would flip over backwards :D

rudenoiz 05-14-05 09:41 PM

No pix, but the first one I remember was a Huffy with a 3 speed stick shift on a curving top tube. Yellow with white banana seat and chrome sissy bar. Circa 1970 -1973. (yeah, I'm old but I'm still riding).

flyingasics 05-14-05 10:29 PM

no pix here....searched google immages for half hr....It was an old bmx with white tires. We ended up taking off the cranks, attaching a plastic wagon and scooting down a big ass hill. Me pulling my brother, with a little white round helmet on, and turning hard into our driveway making him slide out and getting ejected into the grass :) good times....

pjbaz 05-15-05 07:11 AM

No idea what comapny but it was orange with banana seat and "10-4 Good Buddy" and a picture of a tractor-trailer truck screend on the chainguard.

Training wheels came off I went down the road and took too wide a turn hit the curb flipped over backwards and was pinned underneath until my dad came and pulled it off me.


Snuffleupagus 05-15-05 07:28 AM

Can't find any pics, but the bike I first learned to ride was an old blue and white beast with a banana seat and high-rise handlebars. Skinned my knees pretty good a few times learning how to ride in the parking lot by the school when I was 5 or 6.

The first bike I 'bought' with saving up my allowance for I think it was 70 or 90 bucks when I was 7 or 8ish around 1990 or 91 was a black and green 'Magna' MTB. Can't say I remember what happend to it now.

I think I abandoned it, since like most teenagers I thought bikes were dumb, and didn't get why an adult would ride one. Oh how things have changed in the last few years :D

sunninho 05-15-05 07:45 AM

like yours, Penguin

GrassyKnoll 05-15-05 12:57 PM

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My friend had this Chopper. We were all jealous and asked if we could ride it constantly. That padded seat back was da bomb. I had a stingray with a gold glitter banana seat. Yeah, I'm old.

Hanzo 05-15-05 01:36 PM

A little blue 16" wheel schwinn from the 70's. I was too cool for training wheels and we lived on a big hill so I learned to ride the road rash way.

62vette 05-15-05 03:17 PM

A gold Raleigh 20, in about 1971 or thereabouts. I was not the envy of my friends :p

Two more traditional framed bikes later I bought my first road bike in 1979, a 12 speed Raleigh.

Gangrel 05-15-05 03:21 PM

some little blue BMXer.. all i remember is it had a padded TT and handlebar

muhlgirl868 05-19-05 10:53 PM

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The face of a future cyclist....

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