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forestcall 11-14-16 10:09 AM

How to buy Specialized Sequoia 2017 ONLINE?
Hi all -

Specialized Sequoia 2017
How to purchase this online - Im in Japan and live in the mountains and cant get to any stores.


Dan333SP 11-14-16 10:54 AM

As far as I know, Specialized does not sell direct so you'd have to find a dealer who is willing to ship the bike to you, or buy a used bike from a place like ebay and pay the shipping.

forestcall 11-14-16 05:14 PM

Funny how difficult it is to obtain a specialized bike :-)

vinuneuro 11-14-16 05:22 PM

What do the dealers in Japan say?

forestcall 11-20-16 08:15 PM

Update: I ended up buying from a bike store near my home town in California.

I purchased the "Sequoia" for $1269 + tax

Then I hired an errand company to go to the bike shop and sign a paper and fill out some form that the bike shop uses to proof to Specialized that all their bikes were physically sold in the stores.

Now the bike shop is changing several items on the bike to be able to climb ultra steep wet roads of Japan cedar forests. Changing out the cassette and a few other things. Actually I am still working that out with the mechanic.
Since I only know about MTB I am just asking the mechanic to help me swap out any part that will make it easier to climb and go down hill on these nasty steep roads. Japan countryside is filled with tiny little asphalt roads that interconnect rice and farm land. Most roads are wide enough for a small truck which makes the roads feel like single track but asphalt. Really trippy and fun but also if you have the wrong bike it can be a death trap.

I'm still working on the shipping from USA to Japan plus the import fees :-( Damn this bike will cost over $2500 when all done.

forestcall 11-20-16 10:13 PM

Sorry, I corrected the purchase price. They had 56cm in stock and it took them 2 days to get the bike in the exact store. They have multiple stores in different states. They are a delight to work with.

Originally Posted by katsup (Post 19204343)
You got them to take $250 off MSRP? Did they have your size in stock or did it have to be ordered?

The Sequoia is one of the bikes I have been considering.

forestcall 11-20-16 10:57 PM

It does not sell in Japan. I did find the Elite version but I want the regular version because I need to change the gearing and breaks and in this way I felt the regular version was good for my needs.

But in general I have found that buying full bikes in Japan is more costly and can be extremely difficult to obtain a particular bike you desire.

Originally Posted by vinuneuro (Post 19191897)
What do the dealers in Japan say?

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