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jbrady5555 01-30-18 03:36 PM

2013 Litespeed M1 first bike?
Hello folks I'm new here and new to cycling. I found a bike on consignment at my local bike shop that I'm interested in. Its a 2013 Litespeed M1, never wrecked, looks great and was checked out by the shop owner, who I trust, weighs in at 19.1 pounds. Price was $800 but I got the guy down to $700. Just thought I would sign up here to see what the consensus was on if that price is decent for the bike. I'm buying it for exercise right now, but I could see getting into racing one day. The shop owner told me that based on the frame size that it would fit me perfect, I'm planning to ride it tomorrow and purchase it as long as I don't get any red flags from this forum. Thanks for the help.

jfowler85 01-30-18 08:04 PM

get a schwinn

texascyclist 01-30-18 11:21 PM

Sounds like it is a pretty decent deal. What group does it have?

jbrady5555 01-31-18 12:53 AM

Originally Posted by texascyclist (Post 20141904)
Sounds like it is a pretty decent deal. What group does it have?

I'm not sure what that means, if your talking about the drivetrain its a shimano 105 I think.

jbrady5555 01-31-18 04:11 PM

bought the litespeed today. Did a couple miles around the neighborhood, super fun. It didn't come with pedals so the bike shop threw some cheapies on it so that I could test ride it. I need a recommendation for a good entry level pedal set that balances cost and quality. Don't want to put junk on a expensive bike but I also have rode a grand total of 3 miles on a road bike in my life, so I don't need to break the bank(just yet)!

TrojanHorse 01-31-18 07:18 PM

DO you want clipless pedals?

These are good and also relatively inexpensive: Shimano PD-5800 105 Pedals from

You'll also need shoes, which is a whole other way to lose money. Might want to try them on locally because the fit can vary.

texascyclist 01-31-18 07:24 PM

Shoes: Pearl Izumi Selects are a very good value.
Pedals: Look Keo Easy is a solid choice.

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