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BNB 02-19-18 09:39 PM

Gran Fondos in Italy
I'd like to do some Gran Fondos while visiting Italy and need information. I think it's somewhat complicated to ride these events as a non-Italian. I gather that you need to have a racing? license and you need to have a doctor's note saying you are well enough to do the events. Has anyone gone through the process? I've asked individual GF via contact email on their websites but no response (probably my terrible Italian). :)

A friend suggested that I simply register and when I show up tell them I forgot the doctor's note - kinda don't think that would work.

dorkypants 02-19-18 10:54 PM

I've ridden a number of different granfondi over the years. All I needed to show was my membership card from my local (recreational) US cycling club. They infer that if you belong to a cycling club, you're fit enough to participate, and they really have no way of checking. You could always make up a convincing looking "membership card" if you don't have one.

The French, on the other hand, are very strict about having medical documentation for participants in cyclosportives. I had to have an office interview with a medical doctor and get his signature on the appropriate forms and present them at registration.

kbarch 02-20-18 05:28 AM

You might try searching for tour operators/agencies and see if you can hook up with them, even if you've made all your arrangements for everything else. For a major event - especially in an out-of-the-way location like the Maratona dles Dolomites - I wouldn't think of going without local support. Speaking of which, I checked their website, and they have a medical certificate template that's supposedly valid for all Gran Fondos in Italy - it's pretty basic. Maratona dles Dolomites || Mandatory medical certificate. Also, even though it's not until July, pre-registration is closed, and many of the tour operator's are sold out:

BNB 02-20-18 01:42 PM

thanks for the info. I thought the Italians were as strict as the French and required mandatory doctor approval. many of the GFs are sold out, some are not. I'm thinking 2019 at this point. Whatever happens there will be great food and wine!

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