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Do you carry a chain tool when you ride?

Road Cycling “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” -- Ernest Hemingway

Do you carry a chain tool when you ride?

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Do you carry a chain tool when you ride?

Just curious. In another thread about what tools to carry I was surprised at how many included a chain tool.
Any stories to tell about losing a chain on the road?
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I do but never had to use it. I put it in after braking a chain one time years ago.
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No. It’s not something I would consider unless I were going on a multiday self supported tour. And heck, even then I’d probably just bring a second chain pre-cut to size.
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I do with my mountain bike, but not my road bike anymore. I'm trying to cut down how much I bring along on the road. My main purpose for carrying it was more about a rear derailleur or shift cable issue. I would cut down the chain and single speed myself back to the car. Only used it once while riding and that was to help a fellow cyclist on the Golden Gate Bridge.
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Old 04-23-18, 07:06 AM
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Chain tool is part of my multi tool. I also carry a KMC Missing Link or similar.

I've never had to use it except on other people's bikes which clearly had chanins way past their useful life.

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Old 04-23-18, 07:08 AM
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But if I were planning a longer trip like a multi-day tour, I would include a chain tool and spare brake/shifter cables. These things are unlikely to break but can ruin a good trip.
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Only because it's on a multitool in one of my saddle bags.
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My Cook Bros tool has one. About a year ago when I had a link pin break on a ride and was able to cut a link and fix it. Two years ago I was riding one of my vintage bikes and the freewheel seized for a split second. It caused chainsuck which ripped my rear derailleur right off and twisted the hanger (frame was ruined). Because I had my chain tool I was able to cut the chain down to set it up as a single speed and limp home.

So twice in two years a chain tool saved me from being stranded literally in the middle of nowehere.
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I have chain tools on almost all my multi-tools ... and have used them several times. I like to carry three or four quick links just in case, but for the weight and bulk ... worth it to me for the rare occasion.

I don't generally have bail-out ride options, and walking several miles in bike shoes just sucks.
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Old 04-23-18, 07:29 AM
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Yes, a tiny Pedros 6pack which also has integrated 5mm hex key as its handle.

I've broken 3 road chains and had the tool to repair twice.

Once, however, I didn't have the tool but was within 2 miles walking distance to the LBS. I was passed by many cyclists, who apparently couldn't be bothered to ask if I needed help.

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Despite discovering I was missing a faceplate of a link during a day ride I still don't, even on multi-week tours. Perhaps my foolishness in that regard is that I toured across the country self-contained with a group of a dozen people. That represented more that 44,000 bike miles. Not one chain problem (or broken cable) between us.
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I would rather have a chain tool and a quick link than a do it all, but the chain, multi tool. I cant think of a single incidence where an allen key would have saved me, but over the years, I have had countless flats and at least two chain issues that needed sorting.
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It comes with my Topeak Mini 20 Pro multitool. Although I have not used it for myself, but it has helped one cyclist whose derailleur somehow disintegrated (figuratively speaking, of course) and nearly went into the rear wheel's spokes. We removed the broken derailleur, shortened the chain and reattached the chain to the cassette, turning the bike into a temporary makeshift single-speed mode to allow the rider to get home.
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Yea crank Bro’s f-15 multi tool with chaintool(the best compact multi tool on the market IMO) and a KMC missing link with a spare pin tucked in.
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I used to, until my bike and tool bag was stolen. I had the venerable and venerated Ritchey CPR-9 with chain tool, and used it twice: once to rescue a rider on the road so he could get home, the second time when a vicious stick leapt up from the road and snapped off my derailleur. I turned my bike into a single-speed and got home.

I haven't yet found the right replacement so now I have to carry a cell phone, or rely on the kindness of strangers.
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I carry one as part of my multi tool. Broke a chain back in 2001 and skate boarded the bike home 6 miles away. I just broke my second chain Friday, but I was only .5 mile away and all downhill coating to home. I also always carry a whipperman quick link.

I once helped a guy on the trail who had a stick tear off his RD. Used the multi tool and gave him one of my quick links to set him up single speed to get home.
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Originally Posted by TimothyH View Post
Chain tool is part of my multi tool. I also carry a KMC Missing Link or similar.
Same for me. Unlike Tim, though, I have had to use the chain tool. My rear derailleur broke (it was very old, well maintained but old) and I had to shorten the chain to make it a single-speed bike so I could keep riding.
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Bob Ross
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Twice now I have been That Guy Who Saved Somebody Else's Ride, all because I carry a chain tool. It's a nice feeling. People will buy you beer at the end of the day when you Save Their Ride. That makes carrying a few extra grams in my saddle bag well worth it.
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I don't even carry a multi tool. Just a spare tube, levers, patch kit, and a cellphone. I figure beyond a flat someone doesn't want me riding that day.
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I broke my chain in the desert near Moab, and I might still be there if I didn't have that painful little chain tool. But on road rides, I wouldn't bother.
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I used to carry a chain tool but don't anymore despite the fact that it came in handy twice over the years.

They're a good idea. Aside from allowing you to fix chain problems, they're also handy if you manage to destroy your RD.
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Backcountry MTB yes, road runs no,

I ripped a rear derailleur nearly off in an MTB crash, and my chaintool saved the day. I was alone and almost 25 miles back in the Los Padres National Forest. I would have had to push the bike back, because I was on singletrack and couldn't retrieve it later with a vehicle.

The only time I had a chain issue on the road since 1983 is when I installed a Campy 10 Speed chain without the proper tool. Gave it the gas, and pop!
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Doesn't add much cost or weight to a multi-tool so I get the version that includes it. Has been useful once for myself and a few times for other people who were stuck at the side of the road.
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was carrying three for a cpl months until I went thru the trunk!
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